Explanation of Link Colors
Web Color Name or Hexadecimal Color CodeExplanation
PinkA different page on this site.
MediumSlateBlueA page on this site you've already visited.
#1E90FFA link to somewhere other than Astroblahhh.Com.
#7580F5A link to somewhere other than Astroblahhh.Com that you've visited already.
SandyBrown Another spot on the same page you're currently on.
MediumSeaGreenSomething I might get commissions from, like an Amazon Associates Program link. I just thought I'd color code them to make them easy for you to avoid and be suspicious of.

I do not intend for these links to imply that I recommend that you buy these products at Amazon, or that Amazon definitely has the best price. Sure, Amazon often does have good prices, or even sometimes the best prices, but, still, I suggest looking all over the internet for the best prices. Oh, and don't forget about how the cost of shipping can often make internet purchases cost more than just buying something at a store.

In the navigational header and footer:

Some pages feature occasionally-added new content labeled with differently-colored labels.

Red - New and from the most recent update, or close to it.

Orange - Less new, from a less recent update to that page. However, on the Astrosorted Music List pages, since the color red is used to make warning labels stand out, the color orange is used to indicate the newest songs.

This site map page provides an overview, in a single page, of most everything on this site. It aims to be (mostly) un-redundant, so, for instance, astrology software is listed in only the Astrology section rather than both the Astrology section and the Software section.

By the way, this page usually isn't totally up to date - I usually don't feel like updating it.

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