Notes on Foreign Language Web Browsing/Translation Frames

This page is about the various HTML frames I made to make it easier to browse foreign language web pages. The frames were last updated Nov. 22, 2008 at about 2:00 PM.

In these frames, the narrow sidebar at left contains links, a search engine input form, and some input forms permitting you to look up words, passages of text, and/or entire web pages in Babelfish.Yahoo.Com, and sometimes other sites like WordReference.Com.

The frames use some JavaScript, and, as long as you don't have pop-ups blocked, they make a pop-up window come up (or a new tab if you're using the Opera web browser) when you translate stuff or look up individual words.

I wanted to have a button that would automatically get you the URL of the web page which you have open in the right frame, but apparently, for security reasons, JavaScript can't do that.

So, the next best thing you can do to retrieve the URL of any web page you're looking at in the right frame is:

Old Versions

I can't stand it when something that claims to be a new and improved "update" actually screws things up that were working perfectly well before.

So, just in case I accidentally messed something up, or the previous versions work better for you somehow, or you have some other use for the older versions, or are just curious, here's the older version of these frames:

Foreign Language Web Browsing/Translation Frames, Old May 14, 2007 Versions (10.4 KB)

Foreign Language Web Browsing/Translation Frames, Old March 4, 2007 Versions (9.60 KB)

If these frames help you learn a foreign language, and then you go on to make a whole lot of money by use of that foreign language, or, if you're rich already and these frames give you enjoyment, or are useful to you, etc. - please remember me and consider donating to me. :-)

Of course, I also would be extremely happy to get microdonations - since, for instance, if 1,000 people each gave me $1, I'd have $1,000, which I could really use. The best way to microdonate to me would be via the massive multiplayer online game Second Life. More details are on the donations page.

Last modified: Nov. 22, 2008
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