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4/1/2014 - MOG streaming music service's April 15th shutdown is delayed! And other good news (News)
1/29/2014 - MOG streaming music service is closing April 15th, 2014; and I hope Beats Music improves (News)
9/4/2011 - All or Nothing At All (Video)
4/22/2009 - Susan Boyle's "Cry Me A River"
4/10/2009 - Lemon Demon (Astrosorted Music List Update)
3/30/2009 - 15 New Songs (Astrosorted Music List Update)
12/19/2008 - 31 Old VGMix 2 Songs (Astrosorted Music List Update)
4/4/2008 - 40 New Songs (Astrosorted Music List Update)


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MOG streaming music service's April 15th shutdown is delayed! And other good news
Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
04:16:34 GMT


Here's some news related to MOG*, my current favorite streaming music service. The MOG Q&A section of Beats Music's support site was recently updated with some great news!

This page says:

"The initial April 15 date we set for shutting down the MOG service has been extended for the time being to give us time to add and complete the features we think will ensure the smoothest, easiest transition from MOG to Beats Music as possible."

And also says:

"We will still offer all MOG subscribers a one-month free trial of Beats Music once we establish an end-date for MOG."

So, happily, MOG users will at least get to keep MOG for longer than we thought.

The next best Beats Music*-related news I heard of lately is - Beats Music released an API for developers.

An article about that from

Beats Music opens up, making its API public

Here's a link to the Beats Music developer site:

I've felt a little tempted to subscribe to Beats Music early - even while Beats Music is still half-baked and scarcely able to compete with MOG or various other services - just so as to be able to play around with the Beats Music API, and perhaps build my own Roku app to replace the MOG Roku app no one will be able to use anymore whenever MOG is finally shut down.

But, I'm probably going to wait instead, and perhaps play with Rdio's API or Spotify's API for a while, if I can without subscribing.

Actually, I'm probably not even going to play with any music service API - I'm too preoccupied with other things. But if I do, of course I'd like to design my music software in such a way that I could easily use it with whatever service I prefer.

And, like all of my other software (except all I haven't released yet), I would make it libre and open source.

Those two pieces of news - MOG's shutdown being postponed; and the Beats API - both greatly increase my optimism that Beats Music might someday become the best streaming music service available - even though they definitely have a lot of work to do to get there.

But, I think releasing an API and postponing MOG's shutdown were some really smart moves, so that gives me hope. :-)

One last thing. A couple weeks ago, I finally found out that MOG has a a Playlists section, which features not only MOG users' public playlists, but also a lot of playlists built by famous musicians.

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MOG streaming music service is closing April 15th, 2014; and I hope Beats Music improves
Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
06:31:12 GMT


(Edit, April 1, 2014, 12:19 AM: Here's an update: MOG streaming music service's April 15th shutdown is delayed! And other good news)

My favorite streaming music website, MOG*, is being shut down April 15th, 2014 because MOG was bought by Beats Electronics* in 2012 (says Wikipedia), and Beats Music* just opened on Jan. 21, 2014.

And contrary to what I hoped and almost expected - Beats Music so far doesn't even come close to being as good as MOG. There are so many glitches and missing features, which is especially shocking because I thought probably the main point of Beats even buying MOG was probably to base Beats' new systems on MOG's existing, fantastic, stable systems.

But, Beats is currently so glitchy and lacking in MOG features, I'm guessing Beats started over from scratch instead. And perhaps Beats rushed to an extremely premature launch because the Super Bowl* is next Sunday (Feb. 2nd). (There's actually an entire Wikipedia article about Super Bowl advertising.)

(Edit, Jan. 29, 2014, 5:30 PM EST: Also, the Grammy Awards* happened on Jan. 26, 2014.)

Anyway, you might want to try a free trial of MOG while it's still available. I don't yet know of a better streaming music service anywhere, especially at the price of $4.99 per month. (Not that it's 100% perfect, but, what is?)

Currently, my most likely alternative choice is Spotify*, because Spotify's web player is useable enough (though not as nice as MOG's), and their audio quality is apparently 320 kbps for Premium users, same as MOG. (And actually same as Beats too - so at least Beats doesn't have a problem with audio quality.)

Also, Spotify, like MOG, and unlike Beats, has a Roku* app. (Despite my preference for free, libre, open source everything - I still enjoy the Roku, and mostly use it for MOG* and Netflix*.)

By the way, if you're interested in a Beats Music Roku* app, perhaps posting about it or voting for it at Beats Music's support forum would help?

Spotify's Premium option is $9.99 per month, twice as much as MOG's $4.99 per month Basic plan with no mobile access.

But, even though it's not really a perfectly comfortable price for me, it's still pretty good. If I were rich, I'd be happy paying a lot more than that.

(And actually, I would love to donate gigantic amounts of money directly to my favorite musicians, especially any who aren't already rich and really need the money. And also, of course, to tons of other people besides musicians, who also improve the world but often are insufficiently rewarded for it. And of course, to the desperately poor - who should be first in line for help. Darn, I wish I could afford to just give away tons of money directly to people... and I wish rich people would do that sort of thing a lot more often. It would make such a huge difference in the world.

Which brings me around yet again to the topic of microdonations - where a great many tiny donations from tons of people could add up to huge amounts of money, even if absolutely none of the people donating are rich themselves. Maybe that would be a good way to alleviate poverty without having to depend on any help from rich people? But I digress...)

Whatever streaming music service I join, I probably will sign up with a user name totally different than Apollia, and an email address I don't normally use, just to dodge many possible privacy issues.

I don't know if Spotify has any privacy-impacting annoyances or not, but, might as well be cautious.

I do think Beats Music has some chance of eventual success, but only if they play their cards much better than they have so far. Using MOG-based systems, I believe Beats could become the leader in the streaming music industry. (Actually, I think MOG probably could have done that on its own if it had been marketed better.)

But as long as the Beats systems continue to be as glitchy and bereft of the best MOG features as they currently are, I think most people (including me) will continue to prefer other, better services, such as Spotify*. Especially if Beats keeps trying to charge $9.99 per month - twice as much as MOG's Basic plan, $4.99 per month - for a service that is overall inferior to MOG.

And overall inferior to Spotify, and inferior in many ways (though better in some ways) compared to probably just about any other streaming music service you could name. Except, again, I should point out that at least Beats has 320 kbps audio too, same as MOG* and Spotify*, and better than Pandora* (maximum 192 kbps) and probably Rdio* (Rdio's quality level isn't on their FAQ page currently, but people complain about it.)

It's not Beats' audio quality I object to, it's mainly Beats' lack of features which MOG, Spotify, and other services have - really basic stuff like a full-featured, easily-controlled web player which starts playing songs quickly and which can do everything the mobile app can do and more, a play queue, much better capabilities for building playlists, the ability to easily start a radio of random songs by a particular musician or of a particular genre, etc. And plenty of other problems people have been pointing out at the Beats Music support forum.

Fortunately for Beats - thanks to owning MOG*, Beats could so easily get on the right track! And I really hope they do, soon.

Here's my email to Beats Music*, which also contains what I posted to their support forum.

If you want to vote or comment on my post, you can do so here:

My Best Advice for Beats

Hi. I already posted most of this message to the Beats support page, but, I thought it would be good to email it too, since it contains some time-sensitive ideas on improving Beats in time for the Super Bowl.

I don't need a long reply, but, it would definitely be nice to know if Beats will at least someday be made as functional and elegant as MOG.

I'm really upset about your plans to shut MOG down, and it has been spoiling my excitement about Beats.

And if you read the support forum, you'll see I'm far from alone. Even people who sound like they've never used MOG keep mentioning how Beats is glitchy and lacks functionality compared to other streaming services.

But since you own MOG, which works great - having an under-functional service is all a completely avoidable problem for Beats! You could just reuse MOG and add Beats features onto it.

The message I posted to the support forum begins below. Originally posted to:


This message is going to be rather blunt and harsh (sorry about that). But, I hope it's helpful.

I finally tried Beats, for both the mobile and the web.

I never used MOG's mobile app, so I can't compare the Beats mobile app to MOG. (But my guess is, the MOG mobile apps are probably much better, judging by how much better the MOG web interface is than the Beats web interface.)

The Beats mobile app (on an iPhone) is at least better than the Beats web interface, and songs start playing quite quickly in the mobile app.

The Beats mobile app's graphics are nice, but I find the interface rather messy and confusing. I haven't tried the Spotify mobile app lately, but if I recall correctly, the Spotify mobile app was better since it was easier to find things in.

I like the idea of curated playlists, and The Sentence thing is amusing, but those features aren't enough to make Beats seem better than Spotify, or especially MOG.

Beats is currently too lacking in basic, core features that other music streaming services already do much better.

The Beats web interface (version 1.0.6) is horrible compared to MOG's web interface. It's also horrible compared to Spotify's web interface. Spotify's web interface is actually decently useable and fast, even if it's not as slick as MOG's.

The Beats web interface is slow to start songs, it's hard and slow to skip around to different points in the same song, and I can't find a radio feature. I can't find My Library. I can't create playlists.

Unless Beats is made as nice and useable as MOG, or unless the old MOG interfaces are kept available, it is extremely unlikely that I will subscribe to Beats.

For $9.99 a month, Spotify currently seems like a far better product than Beats. (But I still would choose MOG over Spotify for $9.99 per month.)

Not only is Spotify's web interface better than Beats (though not as slick as MOG's), Spotify has a Roku app, unlike Beats. (But MOG, which Beats bought, has a Roku app, so, I don't see why Beats couldn't easily have a Roku app as well.)

And I am very ticked off at Beats for buying out my favorite streaming music service, MOG, and planning to shut it down, with no guarantees that you're going to create an equal or superior product to MOG.

Compared to MOG, Beats seems really incomplete, and it probably shouldn't have even been launched until it was at least as good as MOG.

And since Beats Music actually bought MOG, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't have started Beats off right with a system capable of everything MOG can do, and more.

I think Beats's current service doesn't have a prayer of winning against Spotify, or of keeping most MOG customers.

Marketing can only carry you so far if you don't have a good product/service.

But fortunately for Beats Music, when you bought MOG, you bought an absolutely fantastic product/service - possibly even the best streaming music service currently in existence. (Unless there's something better out there that I haven't tried yet.)

So, thanks to the brilliant move of buying MOG, Beats Music should be entirely capable of providing a truly fantastic service, instead of an overhyped, overpriced, under-developed mess that was launched far too soon.

I think the only reason MOG wasn't more popular than Spotify was because of lack of marketing.

But I think MOG, being promoted as enthusiastically as Beats, could have easily beaten Spotify - even at $9.99 per month, without the $4.99 MOG Basic plan being offered. (But continuing the $4.99 Basic plan would probably make your victory against Spotify even more certain.)

In your shoes, I would just rebrand the existing MOG systems as Beats, give them a slight graphical makeover, and carefully add the coolest new Beats features onto them - as long as it doesn't slow down or break the existing very slick and elegant MOG interfaces. Perhaps it would even be possible to get that done before Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 2nd)?

Over time, I'd also implement a lot of the good ideas suggested here and at the MOG feedback site:

You might or might not have hired excellent programmers, but even fantastic programmers generally can't do their best and most polished work if they're too rushed - such as if you were trying to get Beats launched in time for the Super Bowl.

If you reuse MOG's already very complete, elegant, stable systems, however, there will be far less for your programmers to rush to finish before the Super Bowl.

*************** You already have a product/service that is better than Spotify - MOG! ***************

And my guess is, there's probably not enough time before the Super Bowl to get the existing Beats system up to the standard of MOG, or even up to the standard of Spotify - unless you reuse MOG.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and sorry again for being rather blunt and harsh.

But, I believe that above, I've given you the best advice I can think of to make Beats a success.

Best wishes and good luck with everything, and I hope I won't have to join Spotify in the end.

And here was the quick reply (sent 30 minutes after my email, which I sent at 12:29 PM EST on Jan. 28, 2014):

(Beats Music Support)
Jan 28 09:59

Good day Apollia,

Beats Music want to thank you for your great suggestions for our Music App. I will forward these suggestions to our Development Support Team, and maybe you will some of your suggestions implemented into the Beats Music App soon.

Thanks for your recommendations, and continued support.

Thank you...Beats Music Support

Beats Music Listener Support

Again - if you want to vote or comment on my post to the Beats Music Support forum, you can do so here:

And, if you're interested in a Beats Music Roku* app, here's this other post you can vote or comment on:

As a current MOG* customer, I have a 1 month free trial of Beats Music to look forward to, starting March 15th, according to this support page.

If Beats Music* ever improves enough for me to become a customer, I will gladly post about it!

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All or Nothing At All
Sunday, September 4th, 2011
11:39:24 GMT


I love finding little-known gems on YouTube. :-)

This video currently has only 1,135 views:


It's the most entertaining rendition of All or Nothing At All I've ever seen or heard.

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Susan Boyle's "Cry Me A River"
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
20:11:39 GMT

Probably everyone has heard of Susan Boyle by now. The video of her on Britain's Got Talent is everywhere.

What fewer people might have heard of, yet, is a song she sung for a CD done for charity, released in 1999. It's a slow-paced jazz/blues tune called "Cry Me a River". You can hear it (and read about it) at The Daily Record: Exclusive: Susan Boyle's first ever song release revealed - listen to it here.

It's also available on YouTube: Susan Boyle - Cry Me A River - 1999 Recording (From The Scottish Daily Record Newspaper)

Heartbreakingly beautiful. It's astounding that the world took this long to discover her.

Here's the Wikipedia article on the song Cry Me A River. Also, here's a page with some lyrics.

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Lemon Demon
Friday, April 10th, 2009
01:10:11 GMT

Astrosorted Music List Update

Here's another Astrosorted Music List update. Below are links to 16 fabulous legally free songs. All but one are by the band Lemon Demon; the one that isn't is by Trapezoid, the former band of Lemon Demon's Neil Cicierega.

Lemon Demon has albums and songs for sale for very reasonable prices at You can even pay for them via PayPal. Lemon Demon also has a Store page with other merchandise.

In no particular order:

  1. Damn Skippy - Word Disassociation
    Length: 4:06    File Size: 4.93 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

    Warning: The noise from about 3:56 onward is annoying.

  2. Dinosaurchestra - White Bread Boyfriend
    Length: 3:45    File Size: 4.52 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  3. Damn Skippy - Mr. Porta-Potty Man
    Length: 1:03    File Size: 1.02 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  4. Hip to the Javabean - Telekinesis
    Length: 4:14    File Size: 5.09 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  5. Unreleased - Vanilla
    Length: 0:29    File Size: 0.48 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  6. Trapezoid - Shut Up Your Mouth
    Length: 2:35    File Size: 2.49 MB   Vocals Volume Grating

    Warning: The first 4 seconds are kind of loud and annoying.

  7. Dinosaurchestra - It Can Get Lonely In My Mansion
    Length: 2:29    File Size: 3.00 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  8. Unreleased - Snakes on a Plane
    Length:0:45    File Size: 0.73 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  9. Dinosaurchestra - The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 5.12 MB   Vocals Profanity Grating
    Lemon Demon

  10. View-Monster - Super Hey Ya (Outkast remix)
    Length: 4:05    File Size: 4.90 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  11. Hip to the Javabean - There's a Robot In My Head
    Length: 1:00    File Size: 0.97 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  12. Live from the Haunted Candle Shop - Mold en Mono
    Length: 5:21    File Size: 5.14 MB   Vocals Volume Grating
    Lemon Demon

    Warning: A bit shrill and/or loud sometimes.

  13. View-Monster - Ben Bernanke
    Length: 4:27    File Size: 5.35 MB   Vocals Profanity
    Lemon Demon

    Comment: The hilarious video this song is based on can be watched on YouTube: Ben Bernanke There's also a music video version, but you should download the MP3 for the best audio quality.

  14. Damn Skippy - Kitten is Angry
    Length: 2:06    File Size: 2.53 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  15. View-Monster - Marketland
    Length: 4:37    File Size: 5.55 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  16. Unreleased - The Song You Hear When You Die
    Length: 0:55    File Size: 0.89 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

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15 New Songs
Monday, March 30th, 2009
11:25:40 GMT

Astrosorted Music List Update

Here's another Astrosorted Music List update.

Below are links to 15 exquisite, legally free songs by numerous brilliantly talented musicians.

    Web Download

  1. Live at the Carlisle Stars & Stripes November 3 1986 - Orgone Accumulator
    Length: 3:05    File Size: 4.46 MB   Vocals
    Robert Calvert & The Maximum Effect

  2. Final Fantasy 6 - Espergirl
    Length: 5:47    File Size: 5.62 MB  

  3. Xerxes - one-oh-three
    Length: 20:04    File Size: 48.17 MB  

  4. Carsten Jessen - Hope (Heavenly Vocals)
    Length: 2:09    File Size: 2.07 MB   Vocals
    Da Buzz, Hale-Bopp

  5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The Temple of Time
    Length: 2:24    File Size: 2.30 MB   Vocals

    Comment: After you follow the song's link, click the floppy disk icon to download.


  6. Chrono Cross - Just Chill
    Length: 2:58    File Size: 3.58 MB  
    The Pancake Chef

  7. Mega Man 3 - crystal potion
    Length: 3:23    File Size: 4.87 MB  

  8. Street Fighter 2 - China Street Beat
    Length: 1:55    File Size: 2.77 MB  

  9. Streets of Rage 2 - Bar Hopping
    Length: 1:20    File Size: 1.93 MB  

  10. Zelda 3 - Darkworld Jazz
    Length: 3:43    File Size: 3.58 MB  

  11. Zelda 3 - Ten Rupees
    Length: 4:36    File Size: 4.42 MB  

  12. Zelda 3 - Ganon's Temple
    Length: 6:10    File Size: 5.92 MB  

  13. Zelda 3 - Waltz for Zora
    Length: 4:30    File Size: 4.33 MB  

  14. Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat - Wawoow! TrainingExercises
    Length: 4:14    File Size: 5.10 MB   Volume Grating

    Warning: The part around 1:07-1:08 is a bit loud.

    VGMix X

  15. Jurassic Park (SNES) - JP Elevator
    Length: 0:49    File Size: 1.97 MB  
    texx sound

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31 Old VGMix 2 Songs
Friday, December 19th, 2008
05:20:34 GMT

Astrosorted Music List Update

Here's the first Astrosorted Music List update I've made since April 2008. Below, you will find non-astrosorted links to 31 absolutely wonderful and legally free songs by brilliant amateur video game music remixers.

If you've been visiting my websites since 2004 or something, it's possible these 31 songs might be familiar to you, since, years ago, they were on my old astrosorted music list, which used to link to 354 songs from the website

I wish I could link to all 354 songs again all in one shot, simply so all future updates of this list will consist of nothing but truly new stuff - but, I'm not sure where to find them all. And, judging by this post from this VGMix forum thread, it doesn't look like the old songs are going to be made available again from VGMix until a new VGMix site is coded.

So, if there are any music lovers out there who are very good with Python and/or PHP and would like to help them out, that would be awesome. More details are available at the abovementioned forum thread.


  1. Artura - Dublin Delight
    Length: 2:18    File Size: 3.32 MB   Vocals
  2. Castlevania 3 - Pools of Rust
    Length: 4:01    File Size: 5.64 MB   Grating

    Warning: The staticky sound effects from 1:56 to 1:59 are a bit annoying.

  3. Mega Man 2 - Duck and Cover
    Length: 4:02    File Size: 4.85 MB  
    Star Salzman
  4. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - The Monsaic
    Length: 5:30    File Size: 5.30 MB  
    The Orichalcon
  5. Secret of Mana - Drifting Towards The Stars
    Length: 4:29    File Size: 5.40 MB  
  6. Sorcerian - Cursed Piano
    Length: 5:21    File Size: 5.14 MB  
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - The Sad Fish
    Length: 3:58    File Size: 4.85 MB  
  8. Shining Force CD - Five-Sided Square
    Length: 3:46    File Size: 4.83 MB  
    Quinn Fox
  9. Chrono Trigger - The Incredible Singing Robot
    Length: 3:46    File Size: 4.52 MB   Vocals
    Star Salzman
  10. Phantasy Star 2 - Boss Uniform
    Length: 3:29    File Size: 4.19 MB  
    Quinn Fox

    Comment: There was a version of this on Vgmix 2 titled "Slick Uniforms", but this one is in a different key, and is slightly different in other ways too.

  11. Mega Man 2 - The Fifth Season
    Length: 4:18    File Size: 5.17 MB  
  12. Last Ninja - 8-Bit Kamikaze
    Length: 5:36    File Size: 5.39 MB  
    Gecko Yamori
  13. Super Mario RPG - Seeking Heat
    Length: 4:15    File Size: 4.09 MB  
  14. Zelda 3 - A Link To The Piano
    Length: 5:07    File Size: 6.15 MB  
  15. Donkey Kong Country 2 - From Within
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 4.27 MB  
  16. F-Zero - Blue Vacation
    Length: 2:41    File Size: 3.24 MB  
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream
    Length: 4:10    File Size: 6.00 MB  
    Red Tailed Fox, The Prophet of Mephisto
  18. Street Fighter 2 - The Ken Song
    Length: 4:12    File Size: 6.07 MB   Vocals

    Comment: This was also on Vgmix 2, but it sounds like various enhancements were made - for instance, it's louder, with a better-sounding guitar, and it's 3 seconds longer.

  19. Strider - Vibe Victory
    Length: 3:51    File Size: 4.63 MB  
    Quinn Fox

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Sounds about the same, but the OcRemix version is 1 second shorter.

  20. Donkey Kong Country - Blue Vision
    Length: 4:18    File Size: 5.16 MB  

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2, but I like this version more - it's quieter, less sharp and shrill, more relaxing. It also has a larger file size than the Vgmix, which was 3.93 MB.

  21. Pac-Man - Glass Cage
    Length: 4:55    File Size: 5.90 MB  

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Sounds about the same, but the OcRemix is about 1 MB smaller and 1 second longer than the Vgmix.

  22. VGMix X

  23. Sonic Adventure 2 - Emerald Shore
    Length: 8:16    File Size: 9.93 MB  
  24. System Shock - Hurry RUN
    Length: 4:05    File Size: 3.94 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: The parts with screaming and crying are creepy.

  25. Arkanoid - Arkanoid
    Length: 3:55    File Size: 3.77 MB   Vocals
  26. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario 64 - Mario flys in and hits link round the head with a deku stick
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 3.42 MB   Vocals
  27. F-Zero GX - Dr Stuard Jeff n Toad Air Team Challenger
    Length: 4:45    File Size: 6.85 MB   Grating
  28. System Shock - Glory to the many
    Length: 4:33    File Size: 4.39 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: Starts getting particularly creepy after 3:39.

  29. Final Fantasy Tactics - The Pub Down the Street
    Length: 1:43    File Size: 2.08 MB   Vocals
    Level 99
  30. Fury of the Furries - Swimming Furries
    Length: 3:55    File Size: 5.67 MB  
  31. Journey to Silius - Silius Passacaglia
    Length: 4:0    File Size: 5.78 MB   Grating
  32. Elsewhere

  33. Xenogears - Pillar of Salt
    Length: 5:31    File Size: 5.30 MB   Vocals
    Star Salzman

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40 New Songs
Friday, April 4th, 2008

Astrosorted Music List Update


  1. ActRaiser - Fillmore Freestyle
    Length: 3:21    File Size: 3.23 MB  
  2. Bionic Commando - Advance with Caution
    Length: 4:09    File Size: 4.98 MB  
    Star Salzman
  3. Breath of Fire 3 - Watermelon Flava
    Length: 3:00    File Size: 4.32 MB  
    Joshua Morse, po!
  4. Doom - Doomed
    Length: 4:53    File Size: 4.69 MB   Grating
  5. Doom - Purgatory
    Length: 4:03    File Size: 5.85 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: Some screaming around 0:43-0:52, though other than that, this song isn't that disturbing.

  6. Final Fantasy 7 - Climhazzard Rush
    Length: 3:52    File Size: 5.57 MB   Vocals
  7. Perfect Cherry Blossom - Icy Peaks
    Length: 1:59    File Size: 2.87 MB  
    Justus Johnston
  8. Solstice - Pegasus Boots
    Length: 5:02    File Size: 4.84 MB  
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Knuckleduster
    Length: 3:51    File Size: 5.57 MB   Vocals
    Daniel Baranowsky
  10. Soul Blazer - Tears For a Moonlit Knight
    Length: 5:26    File Size: 5.22 MB  
  11. Zelda 3 - hyrulecastledarkworld
    Length: 3:58    File Size: 3.82 MB  
  12. Zelda 64 - Gerudo Peeples
    Length: 3:21    File Size: 3.23 MB  
    Scott Peeples
  13. Zelda 64 - Prayer
    Length: 4:49    File Size: 5.79 MB   Vocals
  14. VGMix X

  15. Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone
    Length: 2:50    File Size: 4.62 MB  
    8 Bit Instrumental VGM
  16. Chrono Trigger - Reawakening
    Length: 4:50    File Size: 5.81 MB  
  17. Vgmix 2.5 Home Page - Harmonpy
    Length: 0:22    File Size: 0.27 MB   Vocals

    Comment: Once you follow the link, check out the comments for a link to an acoustic version.

  18. Mario Kart 64 - Eight Characters in a Castle
    Length: 4:01    File Size: 3.87 MB  
  19. The Legend of Zelda - Zelda Theme
    Length: 1:19    File Size: 1.27 MB  
  20. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Take Me Away
    Length: 4:30    File Size: 6.16 MB   Vocals
  21. Chrono Trigger - Dances of Wind, Sky, and Earth
    Length: 4:05    File Size: 5.91 MB  
  22. Mega Man ZX Advent - BioLab
    Length: 3:37    File Size: 5.22 MB   Vocals
  23. Chase H.Q. - Electric Suspect
    Length: 2:39    File Size: 3.82 MB  
  24. Pilotwings 64 - Pilotwings!
    Length: 2:48    File Size: 4.06 MB  
  25. Sonic Rush - Jeh Jeh Rocket Drowning Lopear Mix
    Length: 3:39    File Size: 8.77 MB   Vocals
  26. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Olive Ocean Evening Mix
    Length: 5:08    File Size: 4.94 MB  
  27. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - The Windmill Song (Spin Spin Spin Remix)
    Length: 6:17    File Size: 9.06 MB  
  28. Quest For Glory 1 - Erana's Peace - Lamenting Guitars Mix
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 4.84 MB  
  29. Final Fantasy 5 - In the Library We Speak With a 6 Inch Voice
    Length: 3:27    File Size: 4.14 MB  
  30. Streets of Rage - High Intensity
    Length: 2:03    File Size: 2.96 MB  
    Trevin Hughes
  31. New Super Mario Bros. - Mushrom Maddness
    Length: 3:40    File Size: 3.54 MB  
    Trevin Hughes
  32. Chrono Cross - Heated standstill
    Length: 4:07    File Size: 6.54 MB  
  33. Donkey Kong Country 2 - The Forest That Never Sleeps
    Length: 4:58    File Size: 4.77 MB  
  34. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - LEGEND OF ZELDA ROCKS ALL OF YOU
    Length: 1:37    File Size: 1.64 MB   Vocals Profanity
  35. Super Mario 64 - MARIO KNOWS HOW TO TREAT HIS ****
    Length: 1:58    File Size: 1.98 MB   Vocals Grating

    Warning: Mostly a pleasant enough song but watch out for the end, beginning at 1:53. The first time I heard that I thought my headphones were breaking.

  36. Elsewhere

  37. Bad Dudes - Zombies Rocked My Neighbors EP, Psychonauts - Psychotic Censors
    Length: 3:21    File Size: 4.02 MB  
  38. Memento Mori - We're All Going To Hell
    Length: 2:49    File Size: 2.71 MB   Vocals Profanity
    The Bastard Fairies

    Comment: Darn, this one was hard to classify. :-)

  39. Memento Mori - Everyone Has A Secret
    Length: 4:09    File Size: 4.00 MB   Vocals Grating
    The Bastard Fairies
  40. Memento Mori - A Venomous Tale
    Length: 3:27    File Size: 3.32 MB   Vocals
    The Bastard Fairies
  41. Memento Mori - Guns and Dolls
    Length: 3:20    File Size: 3.21 MB   Vocals
    The Bastard Fairies
  42. Memento Mori - Memento Mori
    Length: 3:05    File Size: 2.97 MB   Vocals Volume Grating
    The Bastard Fairies

    Warning: The jingle bells are a bit loud and annoying. Plus, the lyrics rather clash with what an overall pretty, pleasant song this is.

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