Firefox Add-Ons

This section of Astroblahhh.Com contains links to add-ons I use, an add-on I modified, and other useful stuff related to add-ons, like tips.

You might have the impression that Firefox add-ons are just extra frills you can easily do without - and many are. But NoScript is so extremely useful, since it eliminates so many potential security hazards, that I'm unwilling to browse the web without it (unless I have JavaScript, Flash, Java, etc. all turned off). So, I highly recommend at least getting NoScript.

As of 9/27/2011 - in Windows XP, I use Firefox 3.6.20, and in the Lucid Puppy 5.2 variety of Puppy Linux, I use a slightly earlier version of Firefox, maybe 3.6.13. (I dislike upgrading, so I might stick with these versions of Firefox for a long time.)

So, the add-ons mentioned here are compatible with at least those versions of Firefox.

Firefox Add-Ons I Use

All except the one I modified are downloadable at the official Firefox add-ons site.

In most cases, I haven't really explored these add-ons in tremendous depth, so, there's a lot of stuff I don't know about them.

So, my descriptions and off-hand tips should usually not be regarded as comprehensive or complete.

Thank you to all the authors of these wonderful, useful add-ons!


Downloading and Saving

Etext Reading




Web Development

Firefox Add-On Modified by Apollia

I haven't made any Firefox add-ons from scratch yet, but so far, I've modified one Firefox add-on by someone else.

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