Table of Significance Ratings for Aspects at Various Orbs

The following table of ratings for the significance of aspects at various orbs may be worthless, arbitrary, and good for nothing, but I thought it might be interesting to have a consistent system for rating the supposed significance of aspects, perhaps making it easier to compare aspects of vastly dissimilar orbs, like the square and the semisquare.

100 indicates an aspect of supposedly very great significance, and 0 indicates no significance at all (since 0 means the aspect is out of the arbitrarily-selected orbs I used below).

How to use this table to come up with a number representing the significance of an aspect:

Table of aspects' significance at various orbs, on a scale from 100-0
Degrees of orb012345678910Increment
(0°) Conjunction100908070605040302010010
(30°) Semisextile10066.6733.330000000033.33
(36°) Semiquintile10066.6733.330000000033.33
(40°) Novile1005000000000050
(45°) Semisquare10066.6733.330000000033.33
(51°) Septile1005000000000050
(60°) Sextile10087.57562.55037.52512.500012.5
(72°) Quintile10066.6733.330000000033.33
(80°) Binovile1000000000000100
(90°) Square10088.977.866.755.644.533.422.311.20011.1
(103°) Biseptile1005000000000050
(108°) Tridecile1005000000000050
(120°) Trine10088.977.866.755.644.533.422.311.20011.1
(135°) Sesquisquare10066.6733.330000000033.33
(144°) Biquintile10066.6733.330000000033.33
(150°) Inconjunct10066.6733.330000000033.33
(154°) Triseptile1005000000000050
(160°) Quadronovile10066.6733.330000000033.33
(180°) Opposition100908070605040302010010

JavaScript aspect rating calculators

These little calculators written in JavaScript will perform the above calculations automatically:

By the way, neither the above table nor this program can be used to accurately calculate the precise rating for the septile, biseptile or triseptile aspects, since I used 51, 103 and 154 degrees respectively for those aspects, instead of their annoying actual angles, which are supposedly 51°26', 102°51', and 154°17'.

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