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Astrosorting Music Organization Database

Welcome to the official home page of the Astrosorting Music Organization Database (AMODB), which I wrote in mainly PHP with much smaller amounts of MySQL, and a dash of JavaScript. It is free, open source, public domain software.

As you might have guessed, the AMODB helps you organize and search your music collection. It gives you numerous ways to organize your songs, but one of the main ways is by allowing you to "astrosort" them by assigning them planet name labels whose meanings were inspired by astrology. (For a description of the astrosorting system, go here).

The AMODB makes it easy to do ridiculously specific searches for songs matching lots of different criteria. For instance, you can look for all songs which have the word "Battle" in the title that were composed by Nobuo Uematsu, which have electric guitar as a lead instrument, and Mars as one of the three main labels. :-)

The AMODB also enables you to output any search as a web page (either like the Astrosorted Music List, or a page with local links to the songs on your own hard drive) or Winamp playlist. It also stores the URLs of musicians and bands you like, and can generate web pages like my Musician Links page.

You can input search queries in the simple custom search engine querying language (which I pretentiously call AMODBQL - for AMODB Query Language), or, if you want to do something really complicated or not yet possible in AMODBQL, you can use your own SQL queries.

Some of the search criteria include: the file name, the file extension (MP3, MID, or whatever), the folder on your hard drive it's in, the title of the song, the genre, the length of the song, various attributes (such as whether it has vocals, male or female singing, dangerous volume levels, etc., or not), what album or video game a song is from, who performed, remixed, composed, and/or sang it.

And, a new feature added in version 2.0 is the ability to add other search tags to each song - adjectives, genres, languages, lead instruments, other instruments, and other tags.

The Astrosorting Music Organization Database (AMODB) isn't software which is limited to any particular standard computer platform (like Windows, MacOS, or Linux) - the interface can be accessed by any common web browser. You just need some web server software to run on your own computer - or you could even conceivably upload the AMODB to a web server, though it's not designed for use over the web or by more than one person. It also might have to be modified slightly to work on other platforms besides Windows.

To develop and use it, I've been using the Windows version of xampp, an easily-installed distribution of the Apache web server software, bundled with PHP, Perl, MySQL, and other stuff, which is available for Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Solaris. I've provided some instructions on how to hopefully get that running, at least on Windows.

For more details on things like security issues, and what to do to upgrade to AMODB v2.2 from a previous version, see the Readme file. The Readme file is also included in the AMODB's zip file.

Last modified: Mar. 23, 2009
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