Random Generator - 66 Personal Effectiveness Habits from Steve Pavlina's Book,
Personal Development for Smart People

Each time you click the button below, this program will give you the name of one of 66 personal effectiveness habits from the book Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina, along with the page number at which you can read about that habit, and the number of the habit so you can easily find it on the page.

Use pop-up window to record output.*

Browser will focus on pop-up window after click

* Oddly enough, this pop-up window feature works best with Internet Explorer 6. Firefox 3.03 and Opera 9.21 won't let you see the HTML source code of the page in the output window.

The JavaScript of this program may be freely modified and distributed, as it is public domain, though the list of personal effectiveness habit names is Copyright © 2008 Steve Pavlina. Used with permission.

Written in JavaScript by Apollia of Astroblahhh.Com

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