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An 8-page astrology booklet on the topic of financial speculation
Published circa August 1930-Dec. 11, 1930
Author unknown

The front cover of this booklet. It's not actually greenish in the least, but my horrid $20 webcam distorted it a bit. The "WSH" at the lower right isn't original to the cover - it's someone's pencilled-in graffiti.

Apollia's Note

This page is a transcription I made of an eight-page astrology booklet on the topic of financial speculation. At right, you can see a picture I took of the cover.

Unless I'm mistaken, the text of this booklet is in the public domain. This page was rather helpful in figuring that out: http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/training/Hirtle_Public_Domain.htm.

As for the subject matter of this booklet - I don't feel like commenting on its validity or lack thereof. Please don't assume that I necessarily agree with any of it.

I'm just putting this page on the web for the amusement of anyone interested in such things, for whatever reason - whether you get a kick out of laughing at astrology's absurdity, or if you actually take it seriously.

Which, by the way, I would not recommend doing, especially when it comes to something as serious as taking financial risks.

Notes on editing

I did very little at all to it - just added a few commas here and there (which I noted in the source code), and I adjusted the formatting a fair bit for readability's sake, spacing out the paragraphs, etc., without noting that in the source code.

Meanwhile, I left in the original misspellings, weird punctuation and weird capitalizations, and did nothing about the sometimes semi-coherent wording, etc.

There is no table of contents in the original booklet.

I had to leave out the two illustrations in the book - my webcam wasn't up to the job and the results were too blurry and unreadable to bother to include. But they aren't that interesting anyhow.

The first illustration faces page 1, and is a chart wheel with some standard astrological info on the signs. I typed the information, so you're not really missing much of anything.

The second illustration faces page 8, and is an emptied-out version of the first chart wheel, with no new information.

How I estimated this booklet's date of publication

Judging by some of its text, this booklet dates to sometime within 1930, but before December 12, 1930. It doesn't mention Pluto at all. (Pluto was announced March 13, 19301, and named on May 1, 19302).

Nonetheless, though, I think it dates to sometime after or in August 1930, based on the following quote:

As the above aspects separated, and Saturn came to a square of Uranus and Jupiter to a square of Uranus and opposite Saturn in 1930, the stocks and Cereals went to the lowest point for the past 15 years.

This aspect configuration - basically, a JU/SA opposition T-squared by Uranus - took place around July 27, 1930, though it never got very exact.

Here's a copy-and-pasteable Astrolog 5.40 command line:

-qa July 27 1930 12:00 GMT 0:00W 51:0N

In another quote, it speaks of December 12, 1930 as a date in the future:

Saturn and Uranus will transit an exact square aspect December 12th, 1930;

So, that's how I estimated when this booklet was published.

Table of Contents


An 8-page astrology booklet on the topic of financial speculation
Published circa August 1930-Dec. 11, 1930
Author unknown

[Illustration 1]

The Zodiac

[Apollia's note: An illustration of a chart wheel facing page 1, containing lots of standard astrological info about the signs. My webcam wasn't up to the task of taking a decent picture of it, so instead I've typed out the information that was in it.]

Aries - Rules the Head - Cardinal, Masculine, Equinoctial, Fiery, Movable - Ruled by Mars

Taurus - Rules the Neck - Exaltation of Moon, Feminine, Earthy, Fixed - Ruled by Venus

Gemini - Rules the Arms - Common, Humane, Doublebodied, Masculine, Barren, Airy, Scientific - Ruled by Mercury

Cancer - Rules the Breast - Movable, Watery, Fruitful, Feminine, Cardinal, Solstitial - Ruled by Moon

Leo - Rules the Heart - Fixed, Fiery, Barren, Masculine - Ruled by Sun

Virgo - Rules the Bowels - Scientific, Earthy, Barren, Feminine, Common, Humane - Ruled by Mercury

Libra - Rules the Reins - Movable, Airy, Equinoctial, Masculine, Cardinal - Ruled by Venus

Scorpio - Rules the Secrets - Fixed, Watery, Feminine, Fruitful - Ruled by Mars

Sagittarius - Rules the Thighes - Scientific, Double-Bodied, Fiery, Masculine, Humane - Ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn - Rules the Knees - Earthy, Cardinal, Solstitial, Feminine, Movable - Ruled by Saturn

Aquarius - Rules the Ankles - Humane, Fixed, Airy, Masculine, Scientific - Ruled by Uranus

Pisces - Rules the Feet - Common, Watery, Fruitful, Feminine, Double-Bodied - Ruled by Neptune


     Speculation is "another man's game"; and should be called gambling, as there is little difference whether you play the game for a dollar or thousands of dollars. Some people are naturally, what is called "lucky" and others are naturally very "unlucky". If you let 10 people guess about something and make a bet on it, 9 of them will guess wrong. The mass of people as a whole are most always wrong in forming opinions in regard to future events and conditions.

     Your Horoscope will show very clearly as to whether you are fortunate or unfortunate in taking chances, such as buying Stocks, Grain, Oil or anything that is for sale, whereby many are engaged in speculation. There are occasional ones who can form correct opinions, and as a rule, such ones have good calculation, foresight, comparison, and also some intuition in regard to it.

     If you are inclined to Speculate, Gamble, take financial risks, you do well to look over your Horoscope carefully before doing so and see if The Radical Chart of Birth favors it, also if the periods are favorable when you expect to run the risks. If not favorable, you will be sure to lose if you engage in speculation.

     It is of no benefit to have "tips", advice from others, etc., as they will be deceiving, uncertain and of no benefit. If you are using Astrology to form opinions in regard to speculation and your Chart of Birth is more or less unfavorable, it will be very hard for you to follow rules, especially in an unfavorable period for speculation.

     The Text Book tells you that the 5th house of the Horoscope and its ruler and planets in the 5th house rules speculation. This is partially correct; for every planet in the Horoscope and every house has something to do with it; the 5th house is one factor, Planets in the 5th another. Aspects of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are important factors as well.

     Unfavorable indications are to have bad planets in the 5th house and planets in the 5th house badly aspected to other planets.
     To have the Sun and Moon, or the lights afflicted in the Radical Horoscope.
     To have Jupiter and Mercury in bad aspect. To have Uranus and Jupiter in a bad aspect.
     To have Jupiter and Mars in square or opposition to each other or Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn badly aspected. In fact, if Jupiter is afflicted in the Horoscope, you will be unfortunate unless there are several good aspects to modify and overcome it.
     Mercury in conjunction, square or opposite Mars (also parallel) causes one to like speculation, lack in caution, etc., and lose by it.
     The Sun in conjunction, square or opposite Uranus, often causes one to love speculation and have losses thereby.

     Good indications for "good luck" are: The ruler of the 5th in the 5th, well aspected to two or more planets.
     Jupiter or Venus in the 5th, having good aspects. Any planet or more than one in the 5th, and having good aspects will give periods when one is more or less fortunate in speculation.
     Good planets, Sun, Venus, Jupiter in the 2nd or 10th house and well aspected if there are no unfavorable aspects from the 5th or strong unfavorable aspects other wise makes one lucky.
     Mercury in conjunction, sextile, Trine or Parallel with Jupiter, gives good calculation, and often gives periods of very good success in speculation.
     Mercury in same aspects to Venus may also give periods of good success if no bad aspects to offset.

     Unfavorable planets in the Angles, 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th House is unfavorable, radically so if they have bad aspects of the Sun or Moon, and also if in bad aspect to any other planet.

     Jupiter or Venus in the angles are favorable if having good aspects, and no unfavorable aspects to offset.

     A good planet in the 4th, well aspected to Saturn or Sun, gives some good luck in land or real estate investments. Good aspects of Saturn favor land or such as comes from the earth, in mines, etc.

     If Saturn be ruler of the 5th house and it has a conjunction of Jupiter, it is favorable, but if Jupiter rule the 5th house and it has a bad aspect of Saturn, a conjunction, square, opposition or parallel, it is very unfavorable. If Venus rules the 5th, and it has a good aspect of Jupiter, it is a favorable indication.
     If Mars rule the 5th and has a conjunction of Jupiter, Mars is benefited and it is favorable, but if Jupiter rules the 5th and has a conjunction of Mars, it is very unfavorable.

     The best periods for speculation is when the Progressed aspects are best. If the Sun had no afflictions in the Radix, a time when the Sun by progressed motion is in close good aspect to Jupiter or Venus is a favorable period, or one may be fortunate if the Sun forms good aspects to Mars, Saturn, or Uranus.

     One who has all very good aspects in his chart of birth, will often have the best success at a time when there are what is called bad aspects. One who has the Sun trine with Jupiter at birth and no afflictions, will have very good success at a time when the progressed Sun is passing one of the bad aspects of Jupiter.

     One with all good aspects, most always Runs the Game himself and does no guessing, he simply allows the other one to make the proposition and he accepts it and will be correct, the one having the unfavorable aspects will be wrong.

By Planetary Aspects

     Before you attempt to make a forecast of any Market: you should be familiar with the Nature of each sign of the Zodiac, the influence of each planet in each sign, whether it is weak, strong or neutral in that sign, and also the nature of each aspect as given later. The Moon aspects, such as semi-sextile, 72 degrees, semi square etc., are not important except when there are several of the minor aspects, or two or three minor aspects and one or two of the more important ones.

     You should be careful in using these rules, if your Horoscope is unfavorable for speculation; Remember, that there are many times when aspects are so evenly balanced, that if you are at all Biased or your judgment not good that you would overlook some of the aspects, or use wrong judgment etc., and you should never give hasty judgment of the aspects, always take plenty of time for forming opinions and you should always make a chart for every day that you make a forecast; It is not necessary to mark the cusps of the houses of the Horoscope for any given time; Place the planets in the chart for Noon of the days you wish to forecast, you can calculate mentally the Moons changes in Longitude as it moves approximately one degree in two hours. The Sun moves 2 1-2 minutes an hour, Venus and Mars vary a little from day to day, but seldom more than the Sun.

     Always use one of my charts that has the signs printed in them, then you can see at a glance everything that you need to see except Declinations and you do well to make note at the bottom of the page, all aspects that are within one degree of a Parallel or in same declination as this aspect is a very strong one.


     The Movements of the Markets generally are Indicated mostly by the general aspects between the Four larger planets of the system: they show or indicate the tendencies for long periods; the smaller planets, Mercury, the Moon, and Venus to some extent, causes the smaller fluctuations, from day to day.

     You should be very familiar with the aspects, so that you can see them at a glance after you have put the symbols of the planets in a chart for that Purpose and I advise using a chart with the signs printed in them, the same as I use in my work. The cusps of the houses of the Horoscope are not at all necessary in forming opinions, as the prices of Cereals is the same all over the world except difference in Freight and Tariff. Stocks also are universally the same in all parts of the world.

     Each Stock may have its individual Ruling planet, the same as Wheat is ruled by Uranus, but as a rule, most all the stocks move in the same direction and are more or less active in an active market, at the same time. If one has the time of the Incorporation of the various stocks, a great deal can be forecasted from that time, as Each Stock has an Individual Horoscope.


     Before detailing the methods to be employed it will be convenient to give a list of the commodities and other matters ruled by the planets, signs, and houses, together with their effect upon Markets.


SUN--The Sun rules gold, gilt-edged stock and Government Securities, and the general tone of the Market. It does not materially affect the Market itself, except as it forms aspects to other planets, and its influence is exerted thru the sign in which it is placed. Favorable aspects increase the value of Government securities of the country ruled by the sign, and bad aspects depress it.

MOON--The Moon is not a particular significator of anything. Its passage thru a sign stimulates the commodities ruled by the sign, and often those of the opposite sign as well. Aspects to the Moon do not always act in accordance with their natures, but seem rather to mark turning points, and to denote the times of highest rise and lowest fall. The position of the Moon in its orbit, however, has a general influence on fluctuations, especially in regard to changes from an upward to a downward movement, and vica-versa. This is very marked in the case of the Moon's passage over its apogee and perigee.

MERCURY--This planet rules with others wheat, corn and grain (partly), silver and quick-silver, as well as bonds, returns and publications, news, rumors, and public confidence. Its effect upon the Market is to cause nervousness, activity, instability, quick buying and selling, and rapid fluctuations. If afflicted it brings false or adverse news and rumors, and indicates lack of public confidence. Thus Jupiter afflicted by Mercury would cause quick fluctuations and selling of affairs ruled by Jupiter and the sign containing it, due to adverse rumors.

VENUS--Venus rules copper, silk, textiles, sugar, cotton, furnishing, money, corn, and the wheat market. It affects the market thru money, and its general influence is to cause a peaceful condition in the country in whose sign it is, with steady development, good crops, and a generally settled state. Its good aspects bring a steady, tho often not very lasting, rise in values, but with few fluctuations, while its bad aspects tend to cause dull periods.

MARS--Mars rules iron and steel, railways, motors, and machinery. Its effect is to cause great activity and enterprise, with brisk buying and new flotations. It causes very sharp, but often unsustained, rises and falls according to its aspects.

JUPITER--Jupiter rules tin, zinc, rubber. It brings expansion, new industries, prosperity, and its good aspects bring very high rises. Its bad aspects show selling for profit taking, and a fall in values. It may also indicate over-capitalization and over-production. Jupiter indicates the direction of speculative interest according to the sign it is in.

SATURN--Saturn rules lead, coal, mines, building, and conditions of labor. Its effect is to cause famines, failure of crops, political troubles, want, and unemployment. Its bad aspects produce great depression in prices, while its good ones steady the market.

URANUS--Uranus rules electrical concerns, aviation, telegraphs, and wireless. Its effect is to cause strikes, revolutions, and political upheavals, its aspects affect the Market thru political conditions. It causes sudden sharp fluctuations in accordance with its aspects.

NEPTUNE--Neptune rules drugs, narcotics, tea, tobacco, oil, and institutions such as hospitals, asylums, and prisons, as well as large syndicates and combines. Its affect is to produce socialistic, democratic, and anarchistic activity, and a condition of confusion or chaos in the affairs signified. In good aspect it inflates prices, often thru the action of rings and combines, and in bad aspects it depresses them thru the same agency.


     Al aspects have a certain Orb, this is the distance in degrees which seems to be most favorable or unfavorable. I have noticed that when two or more Planets are within 12 degrees, they begin to have some effect, scarcely noticeable for a time, but as the aspect comes closer than 12 degrees, the market gets more active in the direction that the aspect indicates.

     The conjunction, when two planets are within orb of the same degree, but as a rule, a planet is a little the strongest about one degree from the aspect, at its best when coming to the aspect and within one degree, but very apparent several degrees, at least five degrees away.

     The Parallel aspect, when two planets are within One degree of the same Declination, is also about the same in strength as the conjunction.

     The Opposition is the next strongest, when two or more planets are within orb of each other in opposite signs of the Zodiac.

     The Square aspect next strongest when two or more planets are within orb of 90 degrees.

     The Trine aspect, when two or more are within orb of 120 degrees.

     The Sextile, when two or more are within orb of 60 degrees.

     The Semi-Square, when two or more are within 4 or 5 degrees from 45 degrees.

     The semi-sextile is a very weak aspect and not noticeable.

     The 150 degree aspect also a somewhat weak aspect.

     The conjunction of the Sun, Venus, Jupiter are good aspects.
     The conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter are good aspects
     The Sextile and Trine are good between all planets.

     The Opposition is a bad aspect, and always bad, except when with Neutral planets, which have a good aspect.
     The Square is a bad aspect, except when it has also a good aspect combination with a Nuetral planet.

     Neptune, Uranus and Moon are Neutral, also Mercury at times.

     The Conjunction Square and Opposition are active aspects, the Square aspect the most active, the Opposition is a steady, slow at times, bad aspect.


     The Sun aspects are slightly good or bad according to the nature of them, but much depends on the aspects between the other planets. If the Sun comes to a good aspect of Jupiter, it favors slight advance, possibly one or two points, and a bad aspect a like effect downward, but if the planet aspected has a close good aspect to another, the advance may be several points, or a close bad aspect several points down.

     The Moon aspects depend on the aspects of the Sun; If the Sun has close good aspect, the good aspects of the Moon, when within five or less degrees of the aspects will be quite strong for advances, and a bad aspect of the Moon to an unfavorable aspect is only slightly weak, but if the Sun be in a close bad aspect to Saturn, or Uranus, the good aspects of the Moon have little if any strength, and the bad aspects may be quite strong to cause breaks.

     If the Sun be a good aspect to Jupiter and it closely aspected to Uranus by a Trine or Sextile, then any aspect of the Moon to Jupiter or Uranus, good or bad aspects may cause more or less advance, although there may be antagonism and the market scalpy.

     Mars aspects are often slightly good, but if a good aspect of Mars and Jupiter or Mars and Saturn, then a good aspect to Mars by the Moon or Mercury advances the market, and bad aspects of the Moon to Mars not bad.


     If you go back and look at the records of the markets, you find that the long pull or the long periods of one way markets are shown by the four larger planets, these planets get in good aspect once in quite a number of years. In 1929, the four larger planets were all in a good aspect for a time and were coming to this aspect for a period of two or three years, the Stock Market had continual strength and advanced continually, and reached the high point for a period of many years, Saturn and Neptune had a good aspect, Uranus and Jupiter had a good aspect. Jupiter and Neptune in good aspects, as these were exact or very near it, the stocks when to the highest point for a long period of years.

     As the above aspects separated, and Saturn came to a square of Uranus and Jupiter to a square of Uranus and opposite Saturn in 1930, the stocks and Cereals went to the lowest point for the past 15 pears.

     Uranus rules and refers more to Wheat and Corn than to anything else except no doubt it rules Radio stocks, Electrical stocks, etc., and some of Rail Roads. Uranus, when in good aspect to Saturn or Jupiter had kept the price of Wheat at a comparatively high point. Uranus passing a square aspect of Saturn has put Wheat and other Cereals lower than it has for 15 years.

     Saturn and Uranus will transit an exact square aspect December 12th, 1930: this aspect may have some effect off and on till the aspect is past for at least eight degrees, although temporary good aspects of Mercury, Venus and Sun to the other planets may cause temporary rallies.

     The Bunching of several planets, within a space of 45 degrees, causes Radical markets; that is, the bunching of larger planets. This often causes warfare. Our first period of such occurs about 1943-1946 when Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter will be in Taurus and Gemini; The past period of this nature was in 1863 to 1866, and I look for a like effect in 1942 or 1946, this may cause high-priced Cereals, etc., and may cause low-priced Stocks.

     Neptune is very prominent in the Stocks, Uranus in the Wheat. Neptune rules the Rich, the large Capitalist and the ruler of the Nations. Close aspects of planets to Neptune have a strong influence on Nations, Friendships, Business between Nations, etc. You should always note first, whether Neptune is close to a good or bad aspect, as it will have a strong undertone to markets, and Business generally.

     Planets are always strongest in their own sign, some better when exalted, and are weak in the sign of their detriment or fall; Planets are often very weak when retrograde, the Sun coming to an aspect of a Retrograde planet gets no good effect from a good aspect, if that is the only aspect formed and not close to a good aspect of another planet. If Jupiter, for example, is Retrograde and the Sun comes to a trine, sextile or conjunction, it has a very little effect, but if the Sun also has trine to another planet, the aspect may have a very strong effect for an advance.

     Jupiter and Uranus square or in opposition and the Sun in trine or sextile to them make a very strong Cereal Market and some strength in Stocks.

     The Sun square or opposition to Jupiter and Uranus, also makes a very active market, may be very strong as the aspect forms and very weak as it leaves, or the reverse, but if weak while forming, will be strong as it separates. The aspects of Mercury and the Sun are radically strong on stocks, the conjunction and Parallel with the Sun at the same time, there may be a panicky stock market. Mercury Parallel with Jupiter and Sun makes a very strong market.

     When there are aspects between two or three of the larger planets, Mercury passing a conjunction, trine or sextile of any of them when within one or two degrees of the aspect causes radical strength, a quick up market. Likewise if there be two or more bad aspects between the larger planets, and Mercury passes an exact conjunction, square, opposition or Parallel or any of them in the combine, it causes a quick and radical break.

     The natural effect of each planet in each sign can be determined by noticing the effect of the Moon's aspects to that planet as it enters the signs. Thus: As Uranus entered the sign Aries, the good aspects, including the conjunction of the Moon, caused advances in Wheat, little effect on Stocks; as long as Uranus is in Aries the Moon's aspects gives strength, advances if Uranus has no bad aspects, but while Uranus is square with Saturn, within Orb, the conjunction, square and apposition of the Moon and Uranus will cause breaks, and the sextile and trines not much strength of importance.

     It is judging the effects of combined aspects of the larger planets that shows what the markets will do.

     Remember that although the Sun may have no aspects whatever, the good aspects of two or three planets is apparent most of the time and a good aspect of three very apparent most of the time.

     There are periods when there are no close aspects at all and none for several degress. You will be in doubt and uncertain and at such times you do best to keep out of the markets, as you have plenty of periods when there are good aspects to buy on and bad aspects that are good to sell short on.

     Use my charts for making daily charts, and make one for every day at noon; the only changes in aspects will be of the Moon, which moves approximately 1 degree every two hours. You can calculate mentally the aspects forming and close to the minute.

     Be sure to Notice the Declinations and Parallels of the Sun and Moon; one is inclined to overlook these.

[Illustration 2]

[Apollia's note: An illustration of a mostly blank chart wheel facing page 8, which my webcam wasn't up to the task of taking a decent picture of. There's no new information that wasn't already in Illustration 1, so, I won't repeat anything here].

[End of Book]

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