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As of Jan. 14, 2017, I've been avoiding my email and forums even more than usual for many months, mostly due to trying to avoid stress and recover from various health issues.

Increasingly, I've been doing better, but, I still am not really in the mood to deal with my public email or forums, and I mostly just want to focus on my own programming projects for now, so, just thought I ought to announce that, even though I usually don't get that much email from the public anyway.

Everyone is still welcome to send me stuff, and someday, I'll probably resume reading and (sometimes) answering again, but probably not in the very near future.

As of Nov. 10, 2015, the current best way to reach me via email is this email address, which my Gmail address automatically downloads mail from:

However, I've often gone for long periods of time without even checking my email. Also, I can be kind of shy and often don't really like writing email, so, you might or might not get a reply, or I might be quite slow to reply.

Sorry in advance!

My other address still exists, but, I've been having some problems with it which I haven't yet gotten around to solving. Please expect even slower replies if you try to email this totally spam-clogged, difficult for me to check address:

Please feel free to email me repeatedly to try to make sure I got something.

Again, sorry in advance for the probably slow responses.

Rather than emailing me, it might be better to try to contact me via the Eryss.Com Forum or Non24.Com Forum, both of which I run.

You can send me public or private messages via my forums. My forums are moderated (and I'm the only moderator), so, messages won't be posted immediately or automatically, and, if you include a note in your message that says you don't want your message to appear publicly, I won't publish your message.

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Last modified: Jan. 14, 2017
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