This section of Astroblahhh.Com features various things which might be of interest to people interested in astrology. I and my site neither endorse nor disavow the objective validity (or lack thereof) of astrology.

Eventually, most of what was formerly hosted at Astroblahhh.Tripod.Com will be moved here. Yes, really. Yes, it has been over a year. But really, I mean it. I guess you could blame my Mars opposition Neptune for my sluggish lack of inclination to get around to it, but maybe you should really blame my financial situation for distracting me. :-)

At least I'm making some progress, though. With moving my old stuff here, I mean.

Birth Data



Web-Based Tools

Actually, though I'm calling these web-based tools (since you can use them in your web browser without actually saving anything on your computer), it's also possible to save the pages with the JavaScript calculators and use them offline too, and you're very welcome to do so.

External Links

If you're looking for a large, free source of information about astrology, I recommend going to the wiki.

AstrologyNotes.Org, The Encyclopedia of Astrology

Here's useful little site containing links to free ebooks and software, a list of astrological ingresses for 2008, etc. Free Astrology Resources (FAR).

Discussion forums

If you're looking for message boards related to astrology in general, I recommend the Google Group All Astrology Moderated, which has a nice, relaxed, laissez-faire style of moderation.

There's also the Usenet group alt.astrology.moderated, which is more strict. Thank you to the wonderful Astrodienst site for rescuing aamod from closing in April 2007.

There are also a couple of alt.astrology.moderated Yahoo groups which aren't officially affiliated with the Usenet group: and

I also recommend The Bob Marks Astrologer Network.

If you happen to be interested in research of astrology - especially research involving statistics and large amounts of data, and which attempts to find out whether anything in astrology has objective validity or not - I highly recommend checking out the Tropical Astrology Research Google Group.

Commercial Link

I don't make money from having the below link here - it's not a paid ad or affiliate link or anything like that. I'm just a happy, grateful customer who wants to send one of my favorite businesses a lot more customers, and also help out my website readers by pointing out a great place to buy stuff.

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