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Welcome to my Zaadz blog's table of contents page. When you click one of the blog links in this page, that link will open in the above iframe. You can easily go directly to the iframe by right-clicking this page. Then, to go back to where you were before you right-clicked, you can just press the back button. If you'd like to have normal right-click functions back, put a check in the above checkbox by clicking it.

Unfortunately, these features don't work if you're using the Opera web browser. I don't know why it won't work with that. It also isn't completely functional with Internet Explorer 6 - for some reason the first iframe link you click works, but after that, it starts acting weird, and you have to click the back button twice instead of only once to make it so other iframe links work again. Everything seems to work fine in Firefox, however. Firefox is also probably more compatible with Zaadz than Opera anyhow. Zaadz is practically the only reason I use Firefox.

Anyhow, this should make it a lot easier to get around my blog. I think all blogs should have something like this. I don't know how people can stand how most blogs are so hard to get around in and to get a quick overview of the articles available.

This may not be a complete listing of posts - my blog itself will usually probably be more up to date than this page.

More remarks on this page format in general are available on my Blogspot Blog Index page. I just didn't feel like repeating them here.

About my Zaadz Blog

My Zaadz blog is my main blog on the web, currently. I don't post to it on a regular basis, just whenever I feel like saying something. What I write there is somewhat tailored to suit the overall atmosphere of Zaadz - there, to an extent, I try to keep things lighter than I'm truly inclined to be.

Overall, I don't take my blogging very seriously, and I think there are much better ways to present many forms of information on the web, but, I find it's a nice way to "vent" sometimes, and also an easy way to release timely information of little long-term importance. (Though I certainly don't limit myself exclusively to totally unimportant chit-chat types of topics).

I don't consider my blog at all private, so, links to it and comments from anyone are quite welcome, even on very old posts. However, only members of Zaadz are able to post comments. Though I guess if you aren't a member of Zaadz but would like to give me some feedback, you can always email me instead - xerxes112, at aol dot com

I'd like to reserve the right to take my time to answer comments, because sometimes, I'm just not in the mood to write messages to people.

All commenters are welcome to post links and promote themselves without fear of being spam-reported, at least by me. I am rather dismayed at all the anti-spam hysteria there is these days, since I think it imperils freedom of speech, and makes people nervous to post perfectly legitimate information for fear of being labeled a "spammer" or guilty of "self-promotion".

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Mind you, in months which have many posts, these are split into multiple pages.

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