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My main personal website is now I'm still not sure what to do with Astroblahhh.Com, so it's mostly staying as-is for now.

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About This Page

Welcome to my Blogspot blog's table of contents page. When you click one of the blog links in this page, that link will open in the above iframe. You can easily go directly to the iframe by right-clicking this page. Then, to go back to where you were before you right-clicked, you can just press the back button. If you'd like to have normal right-click functions back, put a check in the above checkbox by clicking it.

Unfortunately, these features don't work if you're using the Opera web browser. I don't know why it won't work with that. It also isn't completely functional with Internet Explorer 6 - for some reason the first iframe link you click works, but after that, it starts acting weird, and you have to click the back button twice instead of only once to make it so other iframe links work again. Everything seems to work fine in Firefox, however.

Anyhow, I just thought my blog could use some more organization, since it's rather easy to get lost in all the links, etc. (Well, at least it used to be before I deleted most of my blog). Besides, one thing I hate about blogs is how things are in reverse chronological order, meaning you have to keep skipping all around the page to read things in order.

This may not be a complete listing of posts - my blog itself may be more up to date than this page.

Feel Free to Use and Modify This Format

I really wish all blogs had a page like this - too many blogs are just too damn hard to find anything in. So, feel free to use this format (an iframe, a list of all the posts, a right-click taking you directly to the iframe, etc.) in your own blog.

I only go out of my way to specify that it's free for anyone to use and modify because I figured copyright issues might make some people paranoid about trying to adapt it to their own use. So, no need to ask permission.

I don't even ask that you link to me, or say I designed it, or even tell me that you're using it. Though, feel free to email me (or not) about it if you do. My email address is below.

Actually, if you use this format and let me know about it, I'll link to your blog, as long as the content of your blog doesn't embarrass me, or I think of some other reason not to link to it.

Rest assured, however, that I don't give a crap about the impact linking to any page I damn well please might have on my Google PageRank, and hence how high Astroblahhh.Com might rank in Google's supposedly "popularity"-based search results. I care about Google PageRank as little as I care about my credit report - in other words, not at all. I live my life as though neither of these idiotic systems even exists. (Except for, every so often, going out of my way a little bit to point out their utter idiocy).

All I ask if you use this format is to please consider donating or microdonating to me. (But of course, you don't have to). You're also welcome to link to Astroblahhh.Com and mention that I (Apollia) welcome donations (but you don't have to do that either).

I made this page manually, but there's probably some way to generate a page like this automatically. If you develop one, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to let me know (or not) at xerxes112, at aol dot com

As always, my replies to email may or may not be prompt.

About my Blogspot Blog

My Blogspot blog contains only posts which are intended to provide a way for people to post feedback in response to pages on my website. It used to be a more standard blog, but I decided I was fed up with the loathsome disorganization of blogs, how I had assorted useful information buried and rather hard to find in my blog, and all the time it was encouraging me to waste.

I don't consider my blog at all private, so, links to it and comments from anyone are quite welcome, even on very old posts. Anonymous commenting is, at this time, permitted.

Comment moderation is currently turned on, despite the fact that I wish I could leave it off. But, I saw a scary blog post titled 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know which scared me into turning on comment moderation. I hope the day comes when people no longer have to live in fear of being sued over stupid bullshit. I hate all these laws that discourage freedom of speech.

I might be rather sluggish about getting around to approving comments, so if it takes a while for your comment to show up, don't panic.

It also may or may not be likely that I will respond quickly to comments. If there ever get to be a ton of comments on this blog, it will also be much more difficult to respond to everyone individually. Even if I don't ever respond, though, don't feel ignored, because I probably did read them at least.

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Note by Apollia on Nov. 8, 2023: Please join my Patreon if you'd like to support me and my work!

My main personal website is now I'm still not sure what to do with Astroblahhh.Com, so it's mostly staying as-is for now.