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This page lists many of the major and minor additions and changes to Astroblahhh.Com in 2007.


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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Finally, some updates. Throughout the afternoon today, finishing up around 2:50 PM, I added a few things here and there.

The most interesting thing is probably the transcription I typed of Speculation, an 8-page astrology booklet on the topic of financial speculation, published circa August 1930-Dec. 11, 1930, author unknown.

On the Activism page, added a link to the documentary America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, the entirety of which is legally available on Google Video. I haven't even watched all of it yet, but basically, it's about how the United States federal income tax was never even legalized. The documentary's official website is FreedomToFascism.com

I also added a renovated version of my Japanese Kana Pronunciation Tables, along with a possibly printable version. This page was originally on Badremixer.Tripod.Com.

Added the Credit Card Boycott page to the navigational links at the top and bottom of each page. Just thought it deserved a bit more prominence. Also edited it slightly (but made no really important or interesting changes).

Added some links to alt.astrology.moderated and The Bob Marks Astrologer Network on the Astrology page.

Made some insignificant edits/updates to the Donations page. Updated the blog index page.

Removed the "last modified", etc. info from the possibly printable Celestial Controls page - it was a bad design decision to have it there in the first place. Made that info a note in the source code instead.

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Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Very early in the morning, around 2:41 AM, updated the Languages page with some HTML frames meant to make foreign language web browsing easier. These are heavily renovated versions of what I originally had (and actually, still have) over on www.angelfire.com/stars5/solarflare.

Added Notes on those frames, browseable and useable demonstrations of all three (French, German, and Japanese), and, of course, the zip file of all of the frames + the notes page, Astroblahhh_Com-de_fr_jp_language_frames.zip (9.60 KB).

Slightly updated and added a bit to the Donations page.

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Friday, March 16th, 2007

No huge updates or additions, just a bit of tidying and housekeeping, mostly. Hopefully in the near future there will be some major updates. Don't get too excited, though, because the major updates are probably going to involve things for sale. (Gasp, gag).

Since I got a couple of odd emails since submitting my site to SaveMeSites.Com, I added a brief note on the donations page on why people shouldn't bother to email me.

I also fixed a dead link in the credit card boycott page, and added a new link submitted by an anonymous commenter.

I gave my Blog Table of Contents a long overdue update, and also renamed it from "Blog Index" to "Blog Table of Contents". I also added a link to it to my blog's custom template.

I deleted the only Dec. 2005 post in my blog (in which I had announced deleting all my older blog entries). Just didn't see any reason to keep it there, and to have a whole monthly archive page devoted only to it. The time it was posted was about 12:04 AM, Dec. 3, 2005, in case any astrologers are curious.

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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Some more insignificant updates, all uploaded between around 11:55 AM-12:05 PM. I have so many stray little bits of things that I should finish and put up here. I'm also still working on the commercial stuff I mentioned in my last update.

I moved the 2006 part of this update history page to its own page, the aptly-titled 2006 Update History page.

I added a brief About This Site/About Me page, just so visitors get to feel a bit less confused about who I am and what this place is.

And, on the Activism page, I added a link to the essay The Income Tax: Root of all Evil by Frank Chodorov. I also added a little bit of other text to the Activism page.

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Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Nothing much - around 5:05 PM, I just added a link to BankOfAmericaBoycott.Com to the credit card boycott page, and a little bit of text.

Happy Easter.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Again, a nothing-special update. At 8:12 AM, I updated my Blog Table of Contents page, with a nice convenient iframe.

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Since alt.astrology.moderated is closing unless someone can pay the bill for it - at 8:27 AM, I updated the Astrology page to mention that, and also to point out there's an aamod Yahoo group located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aamod/.

I'm still thinking about whether or not I'm going to open the Astroblahhh.Com Forum. I've never been tremendously interested in the job of maintaining a forum, but, who knows, maybe I'll try it sometime.

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Thursday, April 19th, 2007

At 7:30 AM, I uploaded the drastically-changed Advertising on Astroblahhh.Com page, as well as the altered ad templates page, and the zip file of both.

Ultimately, I guess I didn't make the ads page less bloated, but hopefully it's improved and more well-organized. The prices are definitely better now - and you can even pay for advertising in the currency of Second Life, Linden dollars (L$).

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Friday, April 20th, 2007

At 8:23 AM, I updated the Astrology page to reflect the fact that, happily, alt.astrology.moderated is no longer closing. Thank you to the wonderful Astrodienst site.

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Saturday, April 28th, 2007

At about 10:45 PM, I updated the credit card boycott page with a new link in the links section, and some good news - a section about the new American Express Clear Card, which features some very remarkable terms, which are unlike, and largely better than, any other credit card terms I've yet seen.

However, in my opinion, its terms are not perfect. So, I also added a currently small Opinions section to this site, to which I added one page, a Critique of the Terms of American Express's Clear Card. I composed that critique between around 3:22 PM and 10:41 PM today.

That's all for today.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

At 6:22 AM, I updated the credit card boycott page with numerous links, reorganizing the links section in the process.

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Saturday, May 5th, 2007

At 6:00 AM, updated the credit card boycott page yet again. I added two new links (one in the links section, and another closer to the top of the page), and a section of the page stating a few thoughts on Prosper.com, "The online marketplace for people-to-people lending."

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

At about 5:59 AM, updated the front page. Took down the now-dead links to my Tripod and Angelfire sites, and added some remarks on why I now prefer search engines other than Google, which I think is becoming too much like a monopoly. I currently prefer Yahoo as my default search engine.

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Saturday, May 12th, 2007

At about 3:55 PM or so, I suddenly decided to get rid of the links to my blog, and demolish most of the posts. I finished deleting all the posts (except for posts which are intended to provide a way for people to post feedback in response to pages on my website, and the post announcing my blog's demise) at about 5:46 PM.

Any useful information that I had in there, I should probably move onto my website. I think blogs are usually a rather lame, disorganized way to present many kinds of information, and I've been increasingly irritated with how I had a number of pages with useful information (computer tips, etc.) that were buried in the archives of my blog.

Plus, it seems like hardly anyone read it, and no one at all was interested in giving me donations, so, that made it a complete waste of time (like so many other things in my life).

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Monday, May 14th, 2007

At about 1:20 AM, updated the Languages section with an update to the French/German/Japanese foreign language web-browsing frames. They now mostly use Yahoo rather than Google. I also fixed a few minor glitches. The old version of these frames is still available, though.

At 3:04 AM, I updated my Blog Table of Contents page, removing all the deleted posts and adding a note for anyone paranoid about copyright issues that anyone is free to use or modify that Table of Contents format. I also re-added that page to the Site Map page, as well as restored the links to it from my blog.

On this updates page and the 2006 updates page, changed the formatting slightly, changed the link names, etc.

I'll probably be adding more soon. I don't think I have anything better to do than work on my website, now.

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007

At 11:09 PM, added one new page, Second Life Items and Services, with some details on some commercial stuff I'm doing in Second Life. No, this isn't the long-awaited big update of commercial junk. It's just that, recently, I finally was possessed with creativity (I was inspired by the release of sculpted prims in Second Life), and I created something I deemed worthy of selling.

Fixed a small but annoying glitch in the downloadable Japanese foreign language frame in the Languages section, where a search would open a new window instead of opening in the frame on the right.

Updated the Donations page with, uh, updates, and a couple new alternate ways to possibly give me money (other than donating), such as using my referral link to sign up with Shareapic.net, or buying something from me in Second Life.

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

At 6:08 AM, I added a new link to the navigational header - Links Blog, which is simply my del.icio.us web bookmarks page. (Note, 7/7/2008: As of 12:33 AM, 7/7/2008, I deleted my links blog).

For the longest time, I didn't know what del.icio.us was, and I didn't much care. But, it turns out it's marvelous way to organize your web bookmarks, share them with people, etc. You can also download your bookmarks easily so you can always have a backup and don't have to worry about some kind of website glitch wiping everything out irretrievably.

Like a standard blog, there is an RSS feed available for my links. (Note, 7/7/2008: Not anymore, though. As of 12:33 AM, 7/7/2008, I deleted my links blog).

All are welcome to use del.icio.us's Links for you feature to send me links, although I likely won't respond in any way, or at all promptly. (Note, 7/7/2008: This will no longer work, since I deleted my account at del.icio.us).

Of course, given how I'm now beginning to get a toothache, I would much prefer donations so I can see the dentist soon and get this tooth extracted - as I wish I had done to begin with, way back in November 2006, (instead of being talked into getting a filling that turned out to be flawed and caused that tooth to be painful when it never was in the first place), because the anxiety and pain this tooth has caused me has already led to extremely regrettable consequences.

Although now the pain of the tooth is distracting me from the pain of those consequences. Physical pain has that effect, I guess. When you're in physical pain, everything becomes less important than ending the pain.

If all you can send me is interesting links, that's OK - interesting links might help me keep from dwelling too much on the pain.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

At about 9:32 PM, I moved the updates from the first half of 2007 onto their own page. Finishing at 9:45 PM, I added some new navigation at the top to all three update history pages.

I'm having a very hard time getting motivated to even do anything to this site. So, guess that's all for now. This update is so insignificant I'm not even going to announce it on the front page.

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Saturday, June 9th, 2007

At 2:52 AM, I added a new page for the Opinions section, My comments to BusinessWeek.com in May-June 2007 on The Debate Room topic "Stop Fleecing Poor Americans" featuring the original, unedited versions of four comments I posted to BusinessWeek.com's Debate Room topic, Stop Fleecing Poor Americans.

Added my referral link to sign up with Shareapic.net to the Pictures page, along with some idle chit-chat. Updated that page at 10:47 AM.

Changed the Advertising on Astroblahhh.Com page a bit. Since my blog is now only a repository for people's comments, and there are only a few pages on it, which don't get much traffic, it made sense for me to lower the blog ad prices. Updated that page at 11:10 AM.

Completely finished updating the site, after having fixed assorted little odds and ends, at 12:06 PM.

Ho, hum. Well, that's all for now.

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

At 1:43 AM, uploaded a repaired version of the 2007 updates page, since a lot of the links were accidentally broken due to the fact that I had moved the content of that page to a deeper directory than where it had originally been located.

I suddenly realized that, on the About This Site page, I was still using the wrong location data for Hubbard, OH - 41:06N instead of the correct 41:09N. So, even though it scarcely made a difference in the astrological charts, I fixed that, uploading the update at 3:15 AM.

No, I don't know how I ever got the mistaken idea it was 41:06N instead of 41:09N. In all my private files, I used that location data for years, and I even had memorized it - problem was, I had memorized the wrong data.

I slightly changed the My comments to BusinessWeek.com in May-June 2007 on The Debate Room topic "Stop Fleecing Poor Americans" page's intro, uploading the update at 6:19 PM.

I took out the bit that said "By checking back in my old text files for drafts of things I write, etc., I made sure all of the dates and times noted below for when I submitted the posts are definitely correct." - trivia of probably no interest to anyone but (possibly) astrologers.

I also added a little paragraph thanking BusinessWeek for helping to draw attention to the problem of poverty by featuring The Poverty Business as their May 21, 2007 cover story, and also for hosting that debate page, as well as other debates and stories related to the topic of poverty.

I decided to add a link to my Zaadz.com blog in the navigational header and footer. Zaadz.com is a social networking site, and it's a very light and positive sort of place. In astrological terms, it could be described as Neptunian/Jupiterian.

Because it's such a light and positive place, that means that, unlike my old blog on Blogspot (which is now mostly retired and turned into only a repository for people's comments), I'm not going to express a lot of my darkness and inner turmoil in my Zaadz blog... :-) In fact, I'm probably not going to talk about many personal things on there at all. I think this is a good thing, though, because it means my Zaadz blog won't turn into such a time-wasting diversion as my old blog, where I felt much more free to express myself (though quite, quite far from completely free).

Anyhow, anyone is welcome to send me a Friend invitation on Zaadz. Especially if you're actually someone I already know somehow, but if you're not, that's OK too.

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007

At 12:13 AM, updated the credit card boycott page with some new links in its links section.

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Sunday, June 17th, 2007

On the Activism page, fixed the broken link to Aaron's Russo's documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism, leading to Google Video, where you can legally watch the entire thing for free.

The official website of the documentary is FreedomToFascism.com.

I finally ended up watching the whole documentary, and I ended up writing some comments about it. I added those comments to the Activism page, uploading that page at 4:28 PM, and I also posted them to my Zaadz blog.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind the world that I can always use donations or microdonations. I still haven't been to the dentist yet, but fortunately things haven't been so bad, it fluctuates.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007

At 10:02 AM, I added a link titled Free Money to the navigational header and footer, which leads to the Zaadz pod (discussion/member group) I started, Donations and Microdonations for Individuals and/or Groups.

(Later renamed, at 1:35 AM, 6/29/2007, to Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups).

Every week I'll be giving away $1 or L$270 to whoever is randomly selected as that week's Featured Recipient.

Anyhow, I'm pretty sleepy as I write this (6/29/2007, 10:32 PM), and a lot more information on what that pod is about is already available at the pod, so go there if you want to know more.

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

At 9:50 AM, in the navigational footer, I changed where the DreamHost button leads when you click on it. It now leads to a post I made titled DreamHost Web Hosting - Free Custom Promo Codes - Save up to $97 on my Zaadz pod, Donations and Microdonations for Individuals and/or Groups.

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Friday, June 29th, 2007

Please check out the Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups pod (discussion/member group) on Zaadz.com, and please join, and please tell all your friends, and have them join.

I added a Software section at 9:23 PM, devoted to things related to computer software (both others' and my own). There are two new pages in this section - Opera Web Browser Tips and Opera Widgets I Like, and Tips, both added at 9:17 PM.

I updated various pages to mention the Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups pod (the same thing as the Donations and Microdonations for Individuals and/or Groups pod, I just renamed it). These pages include the donations page, and the credit card boycott page, both updated at 9:12 PM.

I also added some new links (with short comments) to the credit card boycott page. And, I updated the donations page with details, like this link, regarding the free service I now offer, of making people custom promos code to give you the discounts and bonus features of your choice when you order web hosting from DreamHost.

I also changed the mention of eBay on the donations page to a mention of AuctionAddict.com, since I like AuctionAddict more, due to the fact that it has no listing, commission or placement fees. Here's a link to their rather hard to find search page.

I also updated the Donations Received page for the first time ever. I figured I might as well, since I've gotten 16 small donations in Second Life (though I think most likely they weren't directly as a result of asking for them on my website).

Again, please check out the Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups pod (discussion/member group) on Zaadz.com, and please join, and please tell all your friends, and have them join.

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007

At 2:33 AM, fixed a broken link on the Credit Card Boycott page, and moved it to the newly-created Credit Report-Related section of the links section.

I also added a link to my own Zaadz blog post, Your Credit Report - Excuse for Discrimination? 7/3/2007.

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Sunday, July 8th, 2007

At 7:44 PM, in the Software section, added a link to the wonderful DonationCoder.com site, an amazing resource full of freeware/donationware software, with forums, software discounts, reviews, etc. And the site is microdonation-enabled. :-)

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Monday, July 9th, 2007

At 4:25 AM, added a new page offering my Proofreading services.

At 8:22 AM, added the only two original MIDIs I ever completed and released, and at 8:23 AM, added the two individual web pages about them. At 8:26 AM, added the Music section, and the rest of the files you'll find in it. Too sleepy to list everything, and too sleepy to update the Site Map page.

I really need to see the dentist soon, so I can get rid of this tooth. I never should have gotten a filling, it never bothered me until I got a filling - I should have had him extract it from the start, and then maybe my life wouldn't have gone so wrong. OK, I better stop writing about my life now - the less I think about it all the better.

Not going to add the link to my listings on AuctionAddict.com to the navigational header and footer until I add a bunch more listings.

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

At 2:08 PM, updated the Site Map page.

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Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Added a brief note to a few pages (2:01 PM: donations; 2:02 PM, credit card boycott, Opera Web Browser Tips) mentioning the Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups pod (http://pods.zaadz.com/microdonations:

By the way, if you have any trouble getting the site to load, you might want to try using the Firefox web browser. Internet Explorer 6, especially, isn't compatible with Zaadz.

And, on a couple of those pages, added further elucidation of what microdonations are.

At 3:08-3:10 PM, finally, mercifully removed all the useless ad banners advertising the fact that you can advertise on Astroblahhh.Com.

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

At 10:19 PM, I updated the Advertising on Astroblahhh.Com page. I finally succeeded in streamlining and simplifying that page. And now, mostly sitewide ads are available, at some extremely reasonable prices - as low as $1 for a footer ad, or $2 for a header ad.

The JavaScript price calculator script that used to be on that page isn't gone forever - it just seemed needless since the pricing is a lot simpler now. Anyhow, I'll put that script up somewhere else on the site sometime.

Updated the ad templates page at 9:45 PM. Moved the ad design guidelines to their own page, and uploaded it at 10:08 PM.

Finally noticing I forgot to add the Proofreading Services page to the Site Map, and so, did so at 10:51 PM. Also fixed the broken link to that page on this update page.

The following isn't actually a website update, but, I'd just like to mention here that I have a group in Second Life called Donations for Individuals & Groups, and I'm going to be giving away L$100 every Saturday to a random member of it. Naturally, that's in the currency of Second Life, Linden $, not US $. :-) So, the prize is actually only approximately $0.37 cents in US $.

So, if there's no way for you to log into Second Life so you can join the group, don't worry, you aren't missing out on much. But L$100 can come in handy within Second Life, at least. :-)

All are welcome to join! For more details on how to join that group, see this page: Donations for Individuals & Groups group in Second Life Or just search for it within Second Life and join. Or, you can simply instant message me within Second Life, and I'll send you an invitation. (My Second Life name is Apollia Pirandello).

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Updated the Opera Web Browser Tips page, since YouTube has made it so you don't need to go to as much trouble to watch the videos as full-screen as possible in Opera.

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Friday, July 27th, 2007

Reorganized the navigational header and footer so the commercial (and semi-commercial) links are on a separate line from the site-related links, and, added a link to my listings on AuctionAddict.com, even though there are only 3 items for sale currently. But, since I finally got the terms for how much the items will cost in L$ sorted out to my satisfaction, that removed some of my inner resistance to promoting my auctions widely. Uploaded the navigational header and footer at 9:32 PM.

I'm feeling pretty jittery about how I'm going to be able to pay Capital One - around $150 due on August 1st. If I can't pay it, it will not only cost me probably something like $39 in a late fee, but probably a similarly outrageous over-the-limit fee.

So, if you would like to help rescue me, and can afford to, please do. Oh - except it does take time to transfer money from my PayPal account to checking, so, actually, darn... even if I get the money via PayPal or Second Life, it might take too much time to reach my checking account.

But, if 75 people buy one $2 ad, or 150 people buy one $1 ad, that's all it would take to pay my bill. Or, you could buy some of the items I have for sale in my auctions. Or, have me proofread something. Or, buy something from me in Second Life.

But, if you can't do any of that, at least boycott credit cards, and let me know about it. It will cheer me knowing that even if Capital One steals something like $78 from me in fees, they are probably losing a lot more than that in future business.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

At 7:30 PM, I put up a free mostly sitewide ad for John Gerard of FamousIn31Days.com. John Gerard is a regular guy who is trying to get famous in 31 days (by Sept. 22nd).

I hope he succeeds? :-) He seems like a really nice guy who will probably put his fame to good use. Here are some other links about him:

That's pretty much the only update, except for my moving the older 2007 updates onto the Older 2007 Updates page.

However, I'm probably going to finish the scripted item I'm going to sell in Second Life within the next couple of days (and I'm also going to give away a freebie demo version of that item), so, there should be another update coming up pretty soon.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

At 1:58 PM, added a link to the new MagnaMural pages, which I uploaded Sept. 11th (but didn't link to because my shop in Second Life wasn't open yet).

The MagnaMural is a texture display/texture organizer object. For more info, see the pages about it. It took a fair bit longer to complete than I expected it would, but finally, it's available for sale. I also have another item for sale, the Astroblahhh.Com Huge 32m x 24m Movie Screen.

Temporarily removed the commercial Second Life page, because it's out of date, but I don't feel like updating it quite yet.

There are other things I should update, but, I'll do it later sometime.

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Friday, October 12th, 2007

Between 7:42 AM and 9:22 AM, I updated just about every page on my site to use a CSS stylesheet. As you might have guessed, if you've been visiting this site (or my old, no longer existent sites) for a long time, and noticed how hardly anything ever changes in the overall site design - I don't really get a huge kick out of graphically redesigning a perfectly good enough site design for no good reason.

So, I kept everything largely the same, making subtle changes and improvements here and there, like the links changing colors when you hover your mouse cursor over them. Oh, and the color-coded links actually display properly in my favorite web browser, Opera, now! Along with some other things that I thought didn't work in Opera. I just didn't know enough about CSS before to get it working properly before.

So, anyhow, this has been good practice using CSS - with the pay-off that now it is completely possible for me to drastically change the design of my entire site on a mere whim. It also will make it faster and easier for me to make new pages, since now I don't need to fool as much with the cosmetic side of things.

In the process of changing nearly all the pages to use a CSS stylesheet, I also made slight updates (too minor to go into detail about) to a great many pages on the site.

Well, guess there's not much else I feel like saying. Well, as always, donations and microdonations of any size are welcome.

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Well, I uploaded some stuff originally on Astroblahhh.Tripod.Com.

At 9:11-9:12 PM, I uploaded my old AstroTally stuff, with a few minor updates. By the way, I released AstroTally, the AstroTally Form Generator, and astrotally.pl into the public domain.

At 9:14 PM, I uploaded the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica article on astrology.

As of 10:11 PM, I am too sleepy to do more, or even update the front page about it. Actually, I'm too sleepy to even update _this_ page, so I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007

At about 11:10 PM, finally linked to the new files. I guess I'm just feeling very sluggish and unmotivated lately. If you'd like to cheer me up, feel free to send money.

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

At 5:32-5:33 PM, updated the Astrology and Software pages, which are now a bit better-organized.

At 5:35 PM, I added My Zaadz Blog Table of Contents page. I didn't add a link to it in the navigational header or footer, though, since I don't really think it's important enough to add to that.

I guess those are probably the only updates I'll make today. I've been in a strangely good mood today, though.

I think probably the reason why is because finally, the MagnaMural is selling. I marked the price down to L$50, and the first MagnaMural sold yesterday at 10:04 AM. Here's a copy-and-pasteable Astrolog 5.40 command line for any curious astrologers:

-qa Oct 15 2007 10:04 EDT 80:34W 41:09N
Location: Hubbard, OH.

Since then, four more have sold, for profits of a little less than L$250 (due to the small commission fees at SLExchange.com), or almost $1 USD. :-D

I also have sold some other things, such as the Huge 32m x 24m Movie Screen, and a no-copy item I bought long ago that I no longer want. So, while the profits haven't been huge or anything, this is encouraging. It's nice to finally have a smidgen more income than just my Second Life stipend. :-)

So, I've been feeling much more inclined to work on this site, and even almost a bit inspired to make other things to sell in Second Life.

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Friday, October 19th, 2007

I actually neglected to update this page and the front page of this site after I made the updates on Oct. 16th. And, in light of the lack of any more sales, my good mood has faded, and I now feel about as bad as usual.

At 5:19 PM, updated the Astrology section with some old stuff from Astroblahhh.Tripod.Com - some of the Gauquelin birth data (along with the Perl scripts I wrote to convert the data into some formats appropriate for various astrology software), and the anonymous LiveJournal user birth data I collected in 2002. Uploaded those files between 5:05-5:06 PM.

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Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Well, I listened to at least part of about 850 OCRemixes, and made an astrosorted list of some of my favorites, with links. I uploaded that page (and updated the original "astrosorting" system of music organization page) at 11:40 PM. I added something new to the "astrosorting" system of music organization - rather than just having three labels per song, some have an additional label or two.

Yes, I've returned to my old addiction, drowning my sorrows with music. Which actually works to an extent, as long as it's good music. Even good supremely depressing music makes me much more happy than bad music of any genre.

Anyhow, though, if you have similar musical tastes to me, then, I've just saved you a whole lot of work searching for excellent free music. I highly recommend everything on my astrosorted music page. It's not only some of the best music you'll hear on OCRemix or Vgmix, it's some of the best music you'll hear anywhere. There will be more updates in the future - (good) music is one of the things I never get tired of.

Unfortunately, I had to stop short of adding _all_ of my new favorite songs that I discovered, and I can't yet sift through the other 750 songs that I haven't decided what to do with yet - because my old headphones from 2004 or 2005 broke, and the computer speakers I have are really not satisfactory for listening to music. So, until I get some good new headphones, I don't feel inclined to do much more with music.

I still haven't been accomplishing very much lately, but, having withdrawn from a lot of social interaction even on the internet, I feel a lot better, like I'm not frittering away as much time and energy uselessly. (Or at least, now, I'm frittering it away in ways that are more enjoyable and less stressful to me). I also managed to get my room adequately organized for the first time ever since my family moved into this house in May 2002. I feel more peaceful and relaxed than I have in a very long time.

And, rather than spending as much time drifting along doing whatever, I've decided to adopt a slightly more structured, organized schedule, and pretend that I'm in college or something, and spend a certain amount of time studying various things each day. This is the sort of thing I can find very stressful if it's something imposed on me by anyone or anything besides myself, but, this way, it's not so bad. I probably won't ruthlessly stick to this schedule, but I've noticed that imposing a pretend time-limit on myself does help enhance my productivity, rather than just drifting as if I have all the time in the world.

I've been getting tired of being baffled by complicated mathematics (which I've been finding myself confronted by whilst trying to learn programming in various languages), and, I also think it's high time for me to become fluent in a second language, or maybe more than one. A language like French or German should be easy now compared to Japanese (which I struggled with years ago), or compared to Latin, or Greek (which is probably the 2nd hardest language I've attempted to study).

And, there are various programming languages I want to learn more about - PHP, J, C, maybe some more Perl and JavaScript, and perhaps even Inform, which has gotten really weird and interesting these past couple years. Speaking of Inform, maybe someday I _will_ write some interactive fiction after all. (Ever since I was a child, I rather wanted to - inspired by Infocom text adventure games, which I loved). I also want to figure out how to make executable programs for Windows, even though I do like platform-independent scripts because, well, they're platform-independent. :-)

Anyhow, all this is bound to come in handy somehow, particularly if I master at least some of the above subjects, instead of getting started on them but gradually drifting away. I think this is probably a far better, more beneficial way to spend my time than slaving away for hours each day at some low wage job performing some brain-dead task like typing, where I'll learn next to nothing and have neither the time nor the energy to master skills which might give me a chance at a better, less lonely life.

I am much better able to concentrate on these things now that I don't have my finances constantly nagging at me. My finances are, for now, continuously worsening, until I can manage to figure out how to go bankrupt - but, I've written off my debt as impossible to pay, so, that finally frees me to focus on more important and more appealing things. My problem before was a constant feeling of impending doom, but now, the doom is no longer impending, so, I no longer get stressed out about it. :-)

Another piece of news (which happened days after I wrote most of the above) is that I had to drastically alter the Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups forum (http://pods.zaadz.com/microdonations) due to a change in Zaadz's terms of use. Since asking for or sending money is no longer permitted on Zaadz, this means I'm going to have to start the forum elsewhere in order for it to continue the way it was before. The best place to put it is almost certainly on my own website - and the future address will be http://prosperity.astroblahhh.com/.

So, that may motivate me to really learn to code websites, since I think I'd rather code my own forum software from scratch rather than use anything currently in existence - basically because there are things I dislike about every forum I've ever used, and if I want something better, well, I really have no option but to do it myself, since it's not like I have tons of money and could hire someone else to do it. Also, I might want to code something related that's actually not a forum, precisely, but which I can easily integrate with a forum, or something. Etc., etc. Anyhow, my plans are all pretty vague at this point. :-)

Actually, though, for the time being, I'd prefer to focus on other things for a while, so, whatever happens, it's going to take time. In the meanwhile, sometime I should probably put up some of the old material I used to have on my forum, and perhaps others will run with the concept and implement it in a much better way than I possibly can at this time. I wonder if perhaps local microdonations groups where everyone knows each other might work better than an internet site. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, like safeguards against scams, etc.

Another site-related update is that I no longer have my blog on Zaadz, which is maybe why I'm going on and on at length here on this page - blog withdrawal. Anyhow, though, I decided I'd rather use what I wrote for that blog on my own site - though I suppose a fair amount of it was so trivial I'm not sure I'll resurrect it here... :-)

So, I guess I might end up writing my own custom blog software too, since I'd rather make something simple and streamlined as possible, than use something (namely, WordPress) which apparently can make it more likely for a web server to crash if a site gets Dugg at Digg.

Happily, the nuisance of writing my own blog software will probably thwart me from even having a blog, and thus from wasting time on something as largely useless (at least for me) as writing blog posts. :-)

Or, I could just put stuff up on the web the "old-fashioned" way - creating nicely-formatted web pages on my hard drive, and then uploading them by FTP and linking to them by hand from various other pages on my site. It's not really that much more work than using some blog software with unnecessary fancy-shmancy web forms, and lots of server-resource-eating needless dynamic junk, so you can easily have your writing dumped into this ever-growing, reverse chronological order, ever more difficult to navigate horrible morass.

So many websites would be so much better, more useful, and easier to find stuff on, if they presented information using a sensible, more traditional website layout, rather than a blog. For instance, multiple articles on the same topic can and often should be combined into one page, or maybe a few pages. Egad, if my Opera Web Browser Tips page were split up into 15-20 blog posts containing only a snippet of info from the full page, what a nightmare of needless, time-wasting extra clicking that would be.

Not sure when the next site update will be, but, I'm definitely now in a much better frame of mind for being able to concentrate and to be creative, which bodes well for this website to most likely be updated with interesting things in the future.

Another thing I might do is write a 50,000 word novel (or two) for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Probably not, though, because I have staggeringly little enthusiasm for fiction writing these days. I'm sure I could do it, even in 12 days, if I really felt like it, but, it just seems so pointless. But maybe I'll force myself to do it just so I can get an official "Winner" web icon and certificate... :-) There's a good chance I won't actually share the finished novel, though.

But I just thought I'd mention all this anyhow, just because the NaNoWriMo concept itself is rather entertaining, and you might not have heard of it.

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

At 4:25 AM, I updated the Donation History page to mention a $10 donation that was received just yesterday - the third donation ever received via PayPal, and the largest so far. :-)

Again, thank you very much to the person who sent it! It is extremely encouraging and definitely helps motivate me to create more to put on this site.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

I took out the links to my shop on the MagnaMural page, since I sold off most of my land in Second Life and have yet to acquire a small amount of land where I can set up shop elsewhere.

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