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Astroblahhh.Com Font Sample Generator v1.0, in JavaScript

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12/25/2013 - Astroblahhh.Com Font Sample Generator v1.0, in JavaScript (Site Update - Software Release)


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Astroblahhh.Com Font Sample Generator v1.0, in JavaScript
Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
19:37:19 GMT

Site Update
Software Release

Happy holidays to all!

I wrote a font sample generator in JavaScript, to make it easier to view and choose between fonts and different font sizes and styles... and I ended up making it a lot fancier than it really had to be.

Astroblahhh.Com Font Sample Generator v1.0, in JavaScript

Zip File of Source Code

It's also a useful random color generator.

Note: Some browsers have problems saving JavaScript pages properly using the typical Save function in the File menu. So, to save this script, you can either download the zip file of the source code, or use your browser's View Page Source function, then copy and paste the source code into a text editor, and save it with the text editor.

The font sample generator is under the GNU Affero General Public License - except for any parts not by me. I copied and pasted (and often modified) some functions and other snippets I found on the web, and I think I usually noted them with comments in the source code.

I began writing it around maybe Dec. 5th. The basic idea was really easy to make - the most time-consuming part was all the polishing.

I went a bit overboard with that, to the point where that unintentionally became my top project this month. I didn't mean it to take more than a day or two, but, I just kept adding and adding to it. I'm not sure I worked on Astroblahhh Desktop at all this month, except for noting down some design ideas sometimes.

Happily, pieces of this font sample generator will definitely be useful in other projects, including even Astroblahhh Desktop. And writing it made me a lot more familiar and comfortable with JavaScript, which will surely be useful to me in the future.

It's nice to have relatively quickly completed something really useful and polished. In contrast, the task of building Astroblahhh Desktop v3.0 seems so wearyingly neverending. I've made enormous progress with it, but it's still not ready to even use, let alone release.

Don't know when that will be done, and it's very possible that other things will take priority.

As mentioned in this post from today on Eryss.Com, I'm going to try to release the incomplete (but useful) AutoHotkey* (AHK) version of the Eryss astrology software before February 2014. It probably won't take nearly that long, but I just wanted to give myself a lot of time to get around to it.

As always, donations and microdonations and requests for free, libre, open source software and documentation are welcome.

Or, if there are other things you'd like me to consider doing, you can let me know via the Eryss.Com Forum or my currently spam-ridden email address. Or even my Tumblr's Ask or Submit pages.

Sorry if anyone sent me mail that I haven't answered (or even seen). I've scarcely even looked at my Astroblahhh mail for quite a while now, since I get almost nothing but spam. It's probably better to contact me via the Eryss.Com Forum or even my Tumblr.

Tumblr is currently my favorite social media website, and so far, I have never gotten a single message at either of my Tumblrs, not even spam. And the Eryss.Com Forum, despite the fact that even unregistered guests may post to some boards, has been free of spam and spambot registrations ever since I upgraded to a stronger capcha for user registrations.

Again, happy holidays to all!

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