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My main personal website is now I'm still not sure what to do with Astroblahhh.Com, so it's mostly staying as-is for now.

Free, Libre, Open Source Software Programming Services,
Documentation-Writing Services,
and Answers to Programming Questions

For Free, or For Donations, or For Upfront Payment

As of Jan. 14, 2017, I've been avoiding my email and forums even more than usual for many months, mostly due to trying to avoid stress and recover from various health issues.

Increasingly, I've been doing better, but, I still am not really in the mood to deal with my public email or forums, and I mostly just want to focus on my own programming projects for now, so, just thought I ought to announce that, even though I usually don't get that much email from the public anyway.

Everyone is still welcome to send me stuff, and someday, I'll probably resume reading and answering again, but probably not in the very near future.

I have a hobby of writing free, libre, open source software. See What is free, libre, open source software? if you don't know what that is. (Even if you do know, you might find that page amusing.)

There are examples of my work in the Software section of this site. Some is in the public domain, while most of the more recent things were released under the GNU Affero General Public License. The old public domain stuff will remain available and public domain, but future releases will probably be under the GNU Affero General Public License.

I'm most acquainted with: PHP (my current favorite language; and I also like trying to build things with PHP-GTK), MySQL, JavaScript, AutoHotkey (AHK), Perl, Inform 6, LSL, CSS, HTML. However, I'll even consider requests that involve any other languages, since I've been wanting to learn other languages, like Java, Emacs Lisp, C, C++, C#, Inform 7, J, Python, Lisp, etc.

If you'd like to me to write you some libre, open source software, or write you some documentation for libre, open source software (even if I didn't write that software myself), or if you have some programming questions, you can email me at:

And there's still also the following email address that my Gmail address isn't allowed to download from - but, I've been having major problems with it which I haven't yet gotten around to solving, so, it's definitely not the best way to reach me:

No request is too big or too small for me to consider. (Though if it's small, it's far more likely I'll be able and willing to do it.)

I plan on releasing all requested software or documentation that I complete, and at least some answers I write in response to questions, to the entire world as free, libre, open source software and/or documentation on this website.

I can't promise that I will be able (or willing) to finish all the requests. Also, I can be kind of shy and don't always feel like writing email, so, you might or might not get a reply, or I might be rather slow to reply. Often I haven't even checked my non-Gmail address for a long time because I mostly just get spam there. In any case, please feel free to email me repeatedly, and send as many requests and/or questions as you like.

Donations are not required. Your requests, ideas, suggestions, and questions are actually donations themselves, since they'll help inspire me to create more content for this site, which might inspire future donations from many other visitors to this site, as well as increase my web traffic. Plus, I like helping people whether they can pay me or not.

Of course, donations of literally any amount of money are much appreciated. However, it would probably be best to donate to me after I fulfil your request. I would feel guilty about taking a donation from someone with a request that I'm unwilling or unable to fulfil. Unless you really are happy sending me money with no strings attached, in which case - awesome, thanks. :-)

As for upfront payments - please don't send me upfront payments out of the blue. I need to read your proposal first, and figure out whether I'm able and willing to create what you request. If I've accepted your proposal, I'll let you know, and then, you can pay me via Second Life.

I will only accept upfront payments through Second Life, because I think it will be easier to issue refunds through Second Life than PayPal (which takes fees out of anything that is sent to me). If it turns out I'm unable to fulfil a request that involved an upfront payment, then, I will refund the upfront payment via Second Life.

Upfront payments are the best way to encourage me to prioritize your request(s) and question(s) over other projects of mine.

By the way, another good place to make requests for software is

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Note by Apollia on Nov. 8, 2023: Please join my Patreon if you'd like to support me and my work!

My main personal website is now I'm still not sure what to do with Astroblahhh.Com, so it's mostly staying as-is for now.