This section of this site features some music-related things, but, I doubt it will ever feature very much actual music hosted on this site.

Astrosorting Stuff

  • "Astrosorting" system of music organization, inspired by astrology - A description.

    Other Information

    Here's an informative page from years ago which I originally had up on Badremixer.Tripod.Com. I edited and added to it a bit.

    Music Hosted Here

    I'm too paranoid about copyright issues to host my video game music MIDIs or MIDI rips here, but I will host the only two original MIDIs I ever completed and released.

    Both were composed for two contests which were held years ago at Vgmusic Forum, and I placed them both in the public domain.

    Winamp Settings Files

    Here are the best Winamp equalizer settings I've created so far for my Radio Shack Full-Size Stereo Headphones from 2008 (not sure if that exact model is even made anymore):

    External Links

    Thanks to the AMODB, I now have a much more extensive list of my favorite musicians available on the Musician Links page. It's still very, very far from a complete list, though.

    Some pages where you can find some of my video game music remixes and arrangements:

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