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This was made for the HourComp #02 on the Vgmusic Forum, which I participated in on November 6, 2004. This was the second MIDI competition I had ever participated in.

This MIDI was composed between 2-3 PM EST that day using the MIDI sequencing software WinJammer Shareware and a mouse. The final timestamp on the file was 2:55 PM - I stopped early so I could figure out how to upload it.

Here's a copy-and-pasteable Astrolog 5.40 command line for the amusement of any astrologers out there:

-qa Nov 6 2004 14:55 EST 80:34W 41:09N

This is the second original MIDI composition I've ever completed and released. I didn't choose the title, though.

Everyone was given this prompt to base their song on:

    "Prompt: Neolicious Grand Prix! First stop:
     Urbana Freeway! What a glamorous day to being
     the first race in a series of...*radio
     static*...Good luck to all of the racers! See
     you all at the finish line!"

Unfortunately, I don't know if there's a web address anywhere with the complete contest results and other entries.

I came in dead last, in 8th place, but I had fun. :-) I was planning on participating in other HourComps, but, I got a bit preoccupied with other things and forgot.

Here are my comments I posted to the Vgmusic.com Forum after the contest:



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:41 am Post subject:

8th place, as I expected. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Smile

Mine was half a joke, and half not. I really did do the best I could in an hour - I've always been incredibly slow at sequencing (using a mouse and WinJammer Shareware, a program I'm not hugely fond of), and have always found it wicked hard to translate any tune I have in my head into a listenable form that in any way resembles what I envisioned.

So, realizing I could never come up with anything really good and polished in such limited time, I deliberately tried to make something weird, fast, laughable and insane, hoping what it lacked in length and good structure, it would make up for in style, humor and shock value... Smile

I'm pleased it succeeded at achieving this effect as much as it did. Smile

I think I learned a lot. I enjoyed everyone's entries, and am inspired to see that it is in fact possible to come up with such amazingly good, polished, well-structured songs in such a short period of time.

Looking forward to the next HourComp. Smile

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