Notes on making MIDI rips

Converting SPCs (SNES format music) or NSFs (Nintendo format music) to listenable MIDIs is a surprisingly complicated process.

Here are some notes on making a newly-ripped MIDI conversion, made using the untranslated Japanese program spc2midi or the English version of nsf2midi, into something listenable using WinJammer Shareware.

(The links above, to spc2midi and nsf2midi, are to files at Zophar's Domain. I can't find the download pages for them, or I would have linked to that page instead).

Making the rip

After making the rip - routine clean-up

Figure 1. The quarter notes are circled in purple.

Final notes

I hope this page has helped you.

One last thing I should mention is that many in the video game music MIDI sequencing crowd seem to frown upon MIDI rips.

I can't understand why, because in my opinion, good music is good music, no matter how it was created, and I am very unhappy with anything that discourages the proliferation of good music.

So, sadly, if you make any MIDI rips, you might want to keep them to yourself, or at least not share them with people who will get pissy with you about them.

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Last modified: Oct. 12, 2007