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My 1st Livemocha Summer Challenge Video

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8/8/2012 - My 1st Livemocha Summer Challenge Video (Languages)


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My 1st Livemocha Summer Challenge Video
Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
03:37:54 GMT


Well, I changed my mind again and decided to release the video after all. Might as well not let all that work go to waste.

Apollia's 1st Livemocha Summer Challenge Video - 8/7/2012

Sorry, I guess I just had an attack of stage fright before. Don't know why I'm feeling braver now.

There are no visuals of me, but, my undisguised voice is in it, speaking French pretty much the entire time (except terms like "Windows XP" and "Puppy Linux"). I demonstrated the French<->English Web Browsing/Translation frames.

I think the best things about this video are the things that aren't by me - especially the lovely public domain music I got from, composed by French composer Erik Satie and performed by Peter Johnston.

However, even though my narration is boring and I'm not sure it's all correct French - the video might still help people by introducing them to the translation frames, which are really useful. And, it will help me get a 1-year Livemocha gold key.

So, I guess it's worth releasing. I'm relieved I only have to make 2 more to win the Livemocha Summer Challenge. Making this video was a lot more work than I thought it would be, especially since I have so little experience working with video, and my French is quite far from fluent.

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