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For Language-Learners: Livemocha Summer Challenge - Ends August 31, 2012

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7/11/2012 - For Language-Learners: Livemocha Summer Challenge - Ends August 31, 2012 (Languages)


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For Language-Learners: Livemocha Summer Challenge - Ends August 31, 2012
Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
10:39:08 GMT


If you're interested in learning a foreign language, you might be interested in the Livemocha Summer Challenge, which you can read about in Livemocha's blog:

Take the Livemocha Summer Challenge Get an All Access Gold Key

In summary - you can get a one year all-access Gold Key pass (normally $99) for the Livemocha language-learning website just by submitting a minimum of 5 videos (Update, 7/18/2012: Now only 3 videos!) before the end of August, each from 1 to 5 minutes long, which describe how you've been keeping your language fresh, and contain examples of you speaking your target language. And I assume the videos probably have to be submitted one per week instead of all in one batch. So, you probably shouldn't procrastinate too long to get started, otherwise you might not be able to win.

And, if I understand the challenge properly, it looks like you can win just by submitting your videos, without having to have any of your videos be selected as the best video of the week.

Happily, I don't see anything in the rules that insists that you have to actually put yourself on camera.

So, maybe I'll actually do the challenge myself using other visuals, and maybe an altered version of my voice. Or maybe not.

I haven't even decided definitely yet on what language(s) I want to learn, since I haven't yet decided what countries I might want to go to someday. Maybe I'll figure it out soon. Or maybe I'll just pick French temporarily just to do the challenge, since I know a little French already, and I found it the easiest of any foreign language I ever tried to learn.

This post is not a paid ad and doesn't contain an affiliate link or anything like that - I just wanted to point the challenge out, since it looks like you have to do so relatively little to win, it's almost like a freebie, and I might participate in the challenge myself.

My only connection with Livemocha is that I've been a Livemocha customer since January, though I've been quite lazy with my studies.

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