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Link: "Error 53" on iPhones

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2/8/2016 - Link: "Error 53" on iPhones (Corporations Gone Wild)


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Link: "Error 53" on iPhones
Monday, February 8th, 2016
15:03:17 GMT

Corporations Gone Wild

Yet another reason not to buy Apple products:

‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6

(From The Guardian, Feb. 5, 2016.)

Additions, 10:11 AM/10:24 AM/10:40 AM/12:26 PM EDT. Perhaps the error only affects people upgrading to the latest iOS who had their phones repaired by non-Apple repairers, or whose phones were damaged.

(Addition, 3:31 PM EDT. Looks like "Error 53" might happen in other circumstances, too. I found an article which says "The iPhone 6 Plus in question had never been taken apart, damaged, or otherwise compromised, and the mystery surrounding why it and others like it had been hit with Error 53 remains.")

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have an iPhone - I suggest backing up any important data, so you can avoid potential data loss.

Also, perhaps it might be a good idea to copy all your files contained in any Apple product onto things that aren't Apple products.

Because who knows what Apple might do next? What if they add something like "Error 53" to MacOS too?

Maybe Apple is too big and rich to even really care about their customers at all anymore.

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