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I quit Tumblr

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2/20/2016 - I quit Tumblr (Activism)


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I quit Tumblr
Saturday, February 20th, 2016
21:50:28 GMT


I finally quit another Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS) - namely, Tumblr.

That was more difficult than quitting Twitter, because I actually enjoyed Tumblr a lot more than Twitter. But not as much as I enjoy having total control over the software I use, and not being a "digital sharecropper" or feudal serf on someone else's website.

Plus, most any social media site probably has privacy issues that I should probably be more concerned about than I usually am.

And even if a website has not-so-objectionable Terms of Service at the moment, you never know when that might change.

At least I mostly just reblogged other people's posts rather than posting my own original stuff to Tumblr. But it still definitely wasn't the most worthwhile use of my time and energy.

I can't deny that Tumblr was fun, but, another problem is that many of its pages load aggravatingly slowly in comparison to Astroblahhh Desktop and WordsPlatz.

Tumblr works better for me in the Pale Moon web browser than Firefox, but Tumblr still crashed my web browser much too easily.

Way too many websites (not just Tumblr) use way too much JavaScript, in my opinion.

And I much prefer being able to totally avoid even looking at things like follower counts and other statistics, but that was tough to avoid on Tumblr.

Many people love to look at things like that, but I'd probably get (more) stage fright if I knew I had tons of readers. Though on the other hand, I tend to feel a bit disappointed (though also somewhat relieved) anytime I see my statistics are pathetic.

And even though unfollowing is probably usually nothing personal on Tumblr (and more of a way to deal with Tumblr's lack of a Twitter-like Lists feature), I never liked to see my follower count go down, even though I think it was usually because of spam accounts getting deleted, or people quitting Tumblr.

I actually don't like the idea of follower lists or friends lists on any website. They cause too many totally unnecessary, avoidable hurt feelings when people get "unfriended" or never "friended" in the first place.

In many ways, I already like Astroblahhh Desktop and WordsPlatz much more than Tumblr (and lots of other things), so I'm sure that given the time and inclination, I would be able to build a free (as in freedom), libre, open source substitute for Tumblr which I would find perfectly satisfactory.

Though that will probably take a while, especially since I want to first finish updating at least my Puppy Linux Setup Kit and Astroblahhh Desktop.

But I definitely someday want to make it even easier to update my websites than my WordsPlatz blog software already does.

Similar to multifiles-apmod.el, I think updating Puppy Linux Setup Kit and Astroblahhh Desktop will probably save an immense amount of time in the long run and change at least my own life for the better (since they already have), even though working on them is a slow, tedious chore at the moment, even with the tremendous help of multifiles-apmod.el, GNU Emacs, and the VUE concept mapping software.

At least I've finally learned to like Bash more than I used to. Bash is actually not as horrible as I used to think, and I can now actually imagine rewriting much of the setup kit in Bash instead of Perl.

I probably won't, but I'm pleased that it now seems like an acceptable, feasible possibility, largely thanks to the jq command-line JSON processor.

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