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  1. Unreleased - The Song You Hear When You Die (Saturn/Mars/Eris) New
    Web Download    Length: :55    File Size: 0.89 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon
  2. Uranus/Mercury/Neptune

  3. Final Fantasy 6 - Espergirl (Venus/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter)
    Web Download    Length: 5:47    File Size: 5.62 MB  
  4. Uranus/Mercury/Pluto

  5. View-Monster - Ben Bernanke (Saturn/Venus/Jupiter/Eris/Neptune/Mars) New
    Web Download    Length: 4:27    File Size: 5.35 MB   Vocals Profanity
    Lemon Demon

    Comment: The hilarious video this song is based on can be watched on YouTube: Ben Bernanke There's also a music video version, but you should download the MP3 for the best audio quality.

  6. Uranus/Venus/Pluto

  7. Shadowgate - Mystic Piano (Saturn/Neptune)
    OcRemix    Length: 4:33    File Size: 4.38 MB  
  8. Uranus/Venus/Eris

  9. Memento Mori - We're All Going To Hell (Saturn/Neptune/Pluto/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars)
    Web Download    Length: 2:49    File Size: 2.71 MB   Vocals Profanity
    The Bastard Fairies

    Comment: Darn, this one was hard to classify. :-)

  10. Uranus/Mars/Neptune

  11. Mega Man 2 - Duck and Cover (Saturn/Venus)
    OcRemix    Length: 4:02    File Size: 4.85 MB  
    Star Salzman

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  12. Uranus/Jupiter/Mars

  13. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - LEGEND OF ZELDA ROCKS ALL OF YOU (Mercury/Venus/Neptune/Pluto)
    VGMix X    Length: 1:37    File Size: 1.64 MB   Vocals Profanity
  14. Uranus/Jupiter/Eris

  15. View-Monster - Super Hey Ya (Outkast remix) (Mercury/Mars/Venus/Saturn) New
    Web Download    Length: 4:05    File Size: 4.90 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon
  16. Uranus/Saturn/Mercury

  17. Chase H.Q. - Electric Suspect (Mars/Venus)
    VGMix X    Length: 2:39    File Size: 3.82 MB  
  18. Last Ninja - 8-Bit Kamikaze (Venus/Neptune/Mars/Jupiter)
    OcRemix    Length: 5:36    File Size: 5.39 MB  
    Gecko Yamori

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  19. Uranus/Saturn/Venus

  20. Arkanoid - Arkanoid (Mars/Neptune)
    VGMix X    Length: 3:55    File Size: 3.77 MB   Vocals

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  21. Uranus/Saturn/Mars

  22. F-Zero GX - Dr Stuard Jeff n Toad Air Team Challenger (Venus/Neptune/Jupiter)
    VGMix X    Length: 4:45    File Size: 6.85 MB   Grating

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  23. Uranus/Saturn/Pluto

  24. Mario Kart 64 - Eight Characters in a Castle (Mars/Venus/Neptune/Eris)
    VGMix X    Length: 4:01    File Size: 3.87 MB  
  25. Uranus/Neptune/Mercury

  26. System Shock - Glory to the many (Saturn/Venus/Mars/Pluto)
    VGMix X    Length: 4:33    File Size: 4.39 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: Starts getting particularly creepy after 3:39.

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  27. Uranus/Neptune/Mars

  28. Sonic Rush - Jeh Jeh Rocket Drowning Lopear Mix (Saturn/Pluto)
    VGMix X    Length: 3:39    File Size: 8.77 MB   Vocals
  29. Uranus/Neptune/Saturn

  30. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Olive Ocean Evening Mix (Venus/Eris)
    VGMix X    Length: 5:08    File Size: 4.94 MB  
  31. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - The Windmill Song (Spin Spin Spin Remix) (Venus/Eris/Mars)
    VGMix X    Length: 6:17    File Size: 9.06 MB  
  32. Donkey Kong Country - Blue Vision (Venus)
    OcRemix    Length: 4:18    File Size: 5.16 MB  

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2, but I like this version more - it's quieter, less sharp and shrill, more relaxing. It also has a larger file size than the Vgmix, which was 3.93 MB.

  33. Uranus/Neptune/Pluto

  34. System Shock - Hurry RUN (Mercury/Mars/Venus)
    VGMix X    Length: 4:05    File Size: 3.94 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: The parts with screaming and crying are creepy.

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Seems identical.

  35. Uranus/Pluto/Mars

  36. Streets of Rage - High Intensity (Saturn/Mercury/Venus)
    VGMix X    Length: 2:03    File Size: 2.96 MB  
    Trevin Hughes
  37. Uranus/Eris/Mars

  38. Hip to the Javabean - There's a Robot In My Head (Saturn/Venus/Mercury/Pluto) New
    Web Download    Length: 1:0    File Size: 0.97 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

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