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2/22/2019 - Amazing randomly-generated fake pictures


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Amazing randomly-generated fake pictures
Friday, February 22nd, 2019
19:56:40 GMT

Yesterday or so, I stumbled across two very entertaining but rather eerie websites.

But before I tell you what they are, I'm going to recommend installing the Greedy Cache add-on in your Pale Moon web browser.

Preferably Pale Moon 27 (I use a version of Pale Moon 27.4.1 which I compiled myself), since it seems version 1.2.0 of the add-on isn't as reliable in Pale Moon 28.3.1, or at least not in the version of New Moon 28.3.1 which I compiled myself.

Sometimes when I tried to save an image while using New Moon 28.3.1 + Greedy Cache 1.2.0, it seemed to download a new image from the internet instead of saving the one already in my browser cache.

Addition, Feb. 22, 2019, 5:04 PM EDT. Actually, perhaps the above problem was simply because I may have accidentally opened the same web page in multiple tabs. If I do that, then, no matter which version of Pale Moon + Greedy Cache 1.2.0 I run, only the most recently-downloaded image gets saved, which can be different from the one on screen.

So, perhaps either Pale Moon 27 + Greedy Cache 1.2.0, or Pale Moon 28 + Greedy Cache 1.2.0, will be fine, as long as you don't load the same web page in multiple tabs.

End of addition.

Once you install the add-on, go to the Tools menu, choose Add-Ons, click the Extensions tab, click the Preferences button under the Greedy Cache add-on, and make sure the "Load resources from cache" and "Enforce caching of images" checkboxes are checked. Then restart your web browser.

With that add-on installed in Pale Moon, hopefully you'll be well-prepared to save any interesting randomly-generated images that come up.

Without the Greedy Cache add-on, you might accidentally end up saving a different image than the one shown in your browser.

Addition, Feb. 22, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT. Also, even with the Greedy Cache add-on, there are a couple things you shouldn't do unless you use Pale Moon's "Work Offline" feature.

To avoid having your browser mistakenly download a new image, go to the File menu and make sure there's a checkmark beside the "Work Offline" menu item before you right-click on the image and choose "View Background Image", or before you go to the "Tools" menu, choose "Page Info", and click on the "Media" tab.

End of addition.

Here are those amazing, amusing, but rather spooky websites:

Here's a direct link to the image, which makes it easier to save images:

In a way, the cat website is even more disturbing, since that one generates scary-looking (though sometimes humorous) glitches much more often.

And here's a media article: uses AI to generate endless fake faces
Feb 15, 2019 from is particularly amazing, though sometimes there are scary-looking glitches with side-people, and backgrounds often look weird, earrings are often mismatched, and sometimes each eye is oddly looking in different directions.

Here are my 2 favorite fictional people so far.

You can click the below images for a larger version.

Princess CatfishThe Frost Wizard

Quite fun and amazingly impressive.

But those websites also make it even more obvious than it already was that stuff on the internet, digital pictures, etc. shouldn't be mindlessly trusted, even if they seem incredibly realistic.

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