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No longer in Amazon affiliate program

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2/2/2016 - No longer in Amazon affiliate program (Activism)


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No longer in Amazon affiliate program
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
05:44:38 GMT


In the evening on Jan. 31, 2016, soon before I got started on trying to send my responses to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) Vision Survey, I found out I had received a mail on Jan. 31, 2016 at 1:28 PM from Amazon calling me a "Former Amazon Associate", and telling me about a payment of 65 cents.

My first Amazon affiliate payment ever! :-) (And last...)

I wondered (not very seriously) if Amazon had finally noticed that sometimes I link to Richard Stallman's page on Reasons not to buy from Amazon and kicked me out for that reason. :-)

But, it turned out that I had simply missed an email Amazon sent out in October informing affiliates they had to agree to some new thing, or get kicked out of the program.

Whoops. :-)

Anyway, I guess it's about time I finally left that program. I just lazily never bothered to quit, even though I removed hopefully all of my Amazon affiliate links maybe a few years ago (not sure when exactly).

The 65 cent payment wasn't even from anything recent. In my payment history, the date on that was 11/2/2011, and the transaction was "09/2011 Advertising Fees".

So, if you ever wondered how much money I ever made from being in the Amazon Associates program - now you know. :-)

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