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Perl Script: Apollia's Drag and Drop Pondizer v1.0

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2/9/2014 - Perl Script: Apollia's Drag and Drop Pondizer v1.0 (Site Update)


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Perl Script: Apollia's Drag and Drop Pondizer v1.0
Sunday, February 9th, 2014
17:03:40 GMT

Site Update

This script is related to the old zip backup scripts I made. It's basically a drag-and-drop zip archive-making script, with some other features.

Definitely works in Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8, and probably other Puppy Linuxes, but would probably have to be modified to work in other operating systems. I'm guessing it would be toughest to get it working in Windows, since it relies on Linux shell commands.

Apollia's Drag and Drop Pondizer v1.0 (zip file, 19 KB)

Web-viewable versions:

The version with a separate config file

The separate config file

The version without a separate config file

What does "pondize" mean? Well, on my computer, I like to give many of my folders picturesque, aesthetically pleasing names which aren't always obviously connected to those folders' actual purposes.

The "Pond" folder is where I like to keep many of my newly-minted backups. So, anything that goes in the Pond, I say it's been "pondized".

This script can either make zip files out of things that are dragged and dropped onto it, or put copies of those things into a dated/timed folder.

And, similar to the original zip backup script, you can put a list in the source code of all the items you want zipped or copied to a dated/timed folder. That list is used when you run the script without dragging/dropping items onto it.

One problem with this script is, I haven't figured out how to make it handle files/folders whose names contain double quotes ("). Fortunately, I have hardly any files/folders like that. However, If you really need to handle such items, you can put them in a folder without double quotes in the name, and then drag/drop that folder onto the script.

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