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Astroblahhh Desktop v1.12

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12/5/2009 - Astroblahhh Desktop v1.12 (Site Update - Software Release)


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Astroblahhh Desktop v1.12
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
17:41:35 GMT

Site Update
Software Release

I have released Astroblahhh Desktop v1.12. What a long and horrible ordeal it was, but at least now I finally have an adequate solution for my disorganization.

The most notable things about this update are probably:

At least two things got broken (the export scripts for links DBs and idea DBs), and assorted other useful things have not yet been made, and who knows what giltches I (or maybe others) might stumble across and have to repair. So, there will probably be updates in the future.

However, this is still the best and most complete version yet.

I uploaded its zip file at 12:42 PM, and I announced Astroblahhh Desktop's release at the time above this blog post. Here's an Astrolog 5.40 command line:

-qa Dec 5 2009 12:42 EST 80:34W 41:09N
Location: Hubbard, OH.

(Edit, 12:43 PM. Well, 12:42 PM according to my computer. Once again, it seems my website and computer are not in agreement about what time it actually is.

-qa Dec 5 2009 12:41:35 EST 80:34W 41:09N
The time above this blog post.)

Anyhow, I hope Astroblahhh Desktop will be useful to you. Despite all its flaws and possible dangers, it is quite possibly the best, most useful thing I've ever created.

Writing it wasn't too fun, so I guess I can't exactly call it a labor of love, but I do love having it, at least. Being able to much more quickly and easily find things has granted me surprisingly large amounts of peace of mind, already saved me a lot of time, and removed a lot of needless stress from my life. It was definitely worth all the time I spent writing it.

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