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Astroblahhh Basic MP3 Player version 1, in JavaScript

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7/21/2014 - Astroblahhh Basic MP3 Player version 1, in JavaScript (Site Update - Software Release)


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Astroblahhh Basic MP3 Player version 1, in JavaScript
Monday, July 21st, 2014
07:10:10 GMT

Site Update
Software Release

OK, I finally made a simple JavaScript music player which seems good enough to release. It doesn't use any streaming music service's API. (I might write more about that in another blog post.)

All it can do is play MP3s hosted on a web server, and it's still rather rough around the edges.

Online demo of Astroblahhh Basic MP3 Player version 1, in JavaScript

Downloadable zip file (828 KB) - Readme

In a couple ways, it's not quite as nice as's very nice (and similar) web player, because I didn't bother to create a loading progress bar, or show the song duration.

But, you can play/pause, stop, skip to anyplace in the song, and change the volume. And, you can go to the next or previous tracks, since there's a very basic queue.

I'd like to build something more complete, but, that's all I can afford to do for now.

But, thanks to this little project, I'm now convinced that, given time and freedom from having to worry about money, I could probably eventually create something even nicer than MOG's web player.

If you like my web player and would like me to expand it, donations or microdonations and purchases of goods (still none available yet) and services are welcome.

Click this link to display the blog comment thread hosted at the Eryss.Com Forum:

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