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31 Old VGMix 2 Songs

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12/19/2008 - 31 Old VGMix 2 Songs (Music - Astrosorted Music List Update)


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31 Old VGMix 2 Songs
Friday, December 19th, 2008
05:20:34 GMT

Astrosorted Music List Update

Here's the first Astrosorted Music List update I've made since April 2008. Below, you will find non-astrosorted links to 31 absolutely wonderful and legally free songs by brilliant amateur video game music remixers.

If you've been visiting my websites since 2004 or something, it's possible these 31 songs might be familiar to you, since, years ago, they were on my old astrosorted music list, which used to link to 354 songs from the website

I wish I could link to all 354 songs again all in one shot, simply so all future updates of this list will consist of nothing but truly new stuff - but, I'm not sure where to find them all. And, judging by this post from this VGMix forum thread, it doesn't look like the old songs are going to be made available again from VGMix until a new VGMix site is coded.

So, if there are any music lovers out there who are very good with Python and/or PHP and would like to help them out, that would be awesome. More details are available at the abovementioned forum thread.


  1. Artura - Dublin Delight
    Length: 2:18    File Size: 3.32 MB   Vocals
  2. Castlevania 3 - Pools of Rust
    Length: 4:01    File Size: 5.64 MB   Grating

    Warning: The staticky sound effects from 1:56 to 1:59 are a bit annoying.

  3. Mega Man 2 - Duck and Cover
    Length: 4:02    File Size: 4.85 MB  
    Star Salzman
  4. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - The Monsaic
    Length: 5:30    File Size: 5.30 MB  
    The Orichalcon
  5. Secret of Mana - Drifting Towards The Stars
    Length: 4:29    File Size: 5.40 MB  
  6. Sorcerian - Cursed Piano
    Length: 5:21    File Size: 5.14 MB  
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - The Sad Fish
    Length: 3:58    File Size: 4.85 MB  
  8. Shining Force CD - Five-Sided Square
    Length: 3:46    File Size: 4.83 MB  
    Quinn Fox
  9. Chrono Trigger - The Incredible Singing Robot
    Length: 3:46    File Size: 4.52 MB   Vocals
    Star Salzman
  10. Phantasy Star 2 - Boss Uniform
    Length: 3:29    File Size: 4.19 MB  
    Quinn Fox

    Comment: There was a version of this on Vgmix 2 titled "Slick Uniforms", but this one is in a different key, and is slightly different in other ways too.

  11. Mega Man 2 - The Fifth Season
    Length: 4:18    File Size: 5.17 MB  
  12. Last Ninja - 8-Bit Kamikaze
    Length: 5:36    File Size: 5.39 MB  
    Gecko Yamori
  13. Super Mario RPG - Seeking Heat
    Length: 4:15    File Size: 4.09 MB  
  14. Zelda 3 - A Link To The Piano
    Length: 5:07    File Size: 6.15 MB  
  15. Donkey Kong Country 2 - From Within
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 4.27 MB  
  16. F-Zero - Blue Vacation
    Length: 2:41    File Size: 3.24 MB  
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream
    Length: 4:10    File Size: 6.00 MB  
    Red Tailed Fox, The Prophet of Mephisto
  18. Street Fighter 2 - The Ken Song
    Length: 4:12    File Size: 6.07 MB   Vocals

    Comment: This was also on Vgmix 2, but it sounds like various enhancements were made - for instance, it's louder, with a better-sounding guitar, and it's 3 seconds longer.

  19. Strider - Vibe Victory
    Length: 3:51    File Size: 4.63 MB  
    Quinn Fox

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Sounds about the same, but the OcRemix version is 1 second shorter.

  20. Donkey Kong Country - Blue Vision
    Length: 4:18    File Size: 5.16 MB  

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2, but I like this version more - it's quieter, less sharp and shrill, more relaxing. It also has a larger file size than the Vgmix, which was 3.93 MB.

  21. Pac-Man - Glass Cage
    Length: 4:55    File Size: 5.90 MB  

    Comment: Was also on Vgmix 2. Sounds about the same, but the OcRemix is about 1 MB smaller and 1 second longer than the Vgmix.

  22. VGMix X

  23. Sonic Adventure 2 - Emerald Shore
    Length: 8:16    File Size: 9.93 MB  
  24. System Shock - Hurry RUN
    Length: 4:05    File Size: 3.94 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: The parts with screaming and crying are creepy.

  25. Arkanoid - Arkanoid
    Length: 3:55    File Size: 3.77 MB   Vocals
  26. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario 64 - Mario flys in and hits link round the head with a deku stick
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 3.42 MB   Vocals
  27. F-Zero GX - Dr Stuard Jeff n Toad Air Team Challenger
    Length: 4:45    File Size: 6.85 MB   Grating
  28. System Shock - Glory to the many
    Length: 4:33    File Size: 4.39 MB   Vocals Disturbing

    Warning: Starts getting particularly creepy after 3:39.

  29. Final Fantasy Tactics - The Pub Down the Street
    Length: 1:43    File Size: 2.08 MB   Vocals
    Level 99
  30. Fury of the Furries - Swimming Furries
    Length: 3:55    File Size: 5.67 MB  
  31. Journey to Silius - Silius Passacaglia
    Length: 4:0    File Size: 5.78 MB   Grating
  32. Elsewhere

  33. Xenogears - Pillar of Salt
    Length: 5:31    File Size: 5.30 MB   Vocals
    Star Salzman

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