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My Puppy Linux Wishlist

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3/2/2011 - My Puppy Linux Wishlist (Journal)


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My Puppy Linux Wishlist
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
07:38:02 GMT


Here's a list of what I want in my custom version of Puppy Linux.

Things that I still need to find (or figure out how to install) are bold.

Things that I've found, or figured out how to install or do, which were formerly bold, are italicized.

I might add to this list in the future. (Updated 3/20/2011 around 7:43 PM. Probably won't add much from now on, though, since I'd rather create things that are more polished and organized, and these updates make this post even messier-looking than it was to begin with).


Other things

Stuff I'd like to have but probably can't

Again, donations and/or requests for open source, public domain software are welcome.

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