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Fixing the Broken Wings of Maxi Pads

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8/21/2015 - Fixing the Broken Wings of Maxi Pads (Humor - With a Genuinely Practical Tip)


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Fixing the Broken Wings of Maxi Pads
Friday, August 21st, 2015
02:35:00 GMT

With a Genuinely Practical Tip

The maxi pad "wings" idea is good in theory. But all too frequently, the wings - and all h*ll - break loose. I'll leave it to your imagination what that results in.

So, I finally got tired of that design flaw, and took a drastic measure to correct it. Instead of just one maxi pad - I decided to use two.

I applied the first one the normal way. Then, to compensate for the first one's inadequate wings, I laid the second one horizontally at a right angle across the first one, aligned with where the first one's wings were.

Then, to secure the second one in position, I simply folded each end of the second one down and around, and attached it to itself. This arrangement holds itself in position far more securely than any flimsy wings.

Let us all have a moment of silence for all the undergarments that could not be saved, simply due to my failure to even think of this idea for so many years.

And, let's have a moment of non-silence, too, in the form of this video (which is not by me, but by this incredibly talented YouTuber):

A Dramatic Reading...

Note: It's more amusing you don't read the scrolling transcript.

Also, if you don't like dark humor or other dark/dramatic things, you probably shouldn't watch it, nor most of that guy's other videos.

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