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Milk Addiction?

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6/3/2014 - Milk Addiction? (Food)


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Milk Addiction?
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
03:00:40 GMT


I've been wanting to become vegetarian, but, the thing I most struggle with is giving up cow's milk. My craving for milk is sometimes so strong I noted that I actually feel like I'm addicted to it.

So, recently, I searched the web for something like "cow milk addiction", and ended up reading a page or two which surprisingly mentioned something about morphine in cow's milk.

Here's the most credible-seeming page about that that I found (after a brief and lazy search). It's dated August 28, 1981, and its URL is:

Morphine in cow and human milk: could dietary morphine constitute a ligand for specific morphine (mu) receptors?

Funny that it mentions "mu" receptors. :-) At least they didn't spell morphine "moorphine". :-)

So, if it's true that cow's milk contains morphine, maybe I truly am a bit addicted to cow's milk?

I don't drink a huge amount of cow's milk, but I definitely find it a bit uncomfortable to go without any of it for more than a day or so, and no milk substitute I've tried eased the craving.

I originally thought that was maybe just because the alternatives might lack some nutrients that cow's milk contains. But, perhaps it's the lack of morphine? :-) Don't know, just wondering.

Disclaimer, just in case: I am not a health expert, and none of this post is intended to be health advice or medical advice.

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