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5/28/2013 - 4 eBay Items


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4 eBay Items
Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
07:07:33 GMT

I listed 4 items so far on eBay for my relatives.

Items for sale from xyzzy_2

At some point I'll probably list items of my own.

All there is so far is a little concertina and 3 collectible old bed sheets, apparently by well-known designers who I had never heard of.

The money from those will ultimately go to my family, but their sale will help me as well, since I live with my family because I've always been too poor to move out.

The empty socket remaining after having my tooth extracted is healing fine. Once I found that out last Wedneday, I felt comfortable enough buying an air conditioner.

So, at Wal-Mart, I got a 6,000 BTU Arctic King air conditioner. (Would've preferred a brand I'm familiar with, but, that's all they had, and it seemed like a waste of time, energy, and gasoline to search elsewhere.)

But, unfortunately, it turned out to be defective, similar to the problems described in this Amazon review.

It made my room bearable, but doesn't cool as well as my old 5,200 BTU air conditioner which broke used to. So, will have to return it sometime.

Been sleeping and eating poorly lately because of all the stress.

As usual, I welcome purchases of goods and services, and donations.

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