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6/10/2013 - Started a forum and a Tumblr blog
6/24/2013 - More eBay Items


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Started a forum and a Tumblr blog
Monday, June 10th, 2013
16:38:33 GMT

Well, the air conditioner problem is resolved now (as of Saturday, June 8th).

Walmart has a good return policy which even lets you return things to a different Walmart than the one you bought from, so, I was able to return the defective air conditioner and got all of my money back. Even the $19 for the 3-year warranty I bought was refunded.

Then, I got a working air conditioner from Lowe's - a slightly cheaper one ($159 instead of $164) by Frigidaire, with actually more BTUs - 6,500 instead of 6,000. So, that worked out well, at least.

But, unsurprisingly, I'm still plagued with money problems, and I'm not at all sure how to solve them, or even if I can.

Anyway, though - I started a forum over at Eryss.Com:

The Eryss.Com Forum

Here's the announcement post from Eryss.Com:

The forum has a section of boards for just my own items and services for sale, auction, barter, or donations. As I write this, it's empty, but, I guess I'll probably be adding to it soon.

I've been looking for an eBay alternative because I think eBay's 10% final value fees are too high. I finally decided to just create my own alternative.

Perhaps I'll put up something more elaborate in the future, like a customized version of the free/libre/open source online auction software WeBid, which is under the GNU General Public License.

But, that's not likely in the very near future.

I also started a Tumblr blog:


It doesn't have a specific theme, not even astrology. It will probably mostly feature trivial and/or humorous things.

As usual, I welcome purchases of goods and services, and donations.

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More eBay Items
Monday, June 24th, 2013
16:24:30 GMT

Finally, more eBay items are for sale - now through my relatives' own account.

My family's eBay auctions

Actually, 3 of them are just those same collectible bed sheets by apparently well-known designers.

The new items that are currently up are Civil War-era photographs or "cartes de visites" (CDVs). More items will follow, such as probably jewelry, more photos, and perhaps more collectible sheets.

However, since eBay has major selling limits for newbie sellers, and I also have stuff of my own to sell, I'll probably be selling more stuff through my own account soon - both my own and relatives' items.

My eBay auctions

The little concertina fortunately got sold, although for much less than we hoped.

As usual, I welcome purchases of goods and services, and donations or microdonations.

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