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1/24/2009 - Lava and Sea (Found Photo)
1/29/2009 - Castle at Sunset (Second Life)
1/30/2009 - Flower Ring at Sunset (Second Life)


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Lava and Sea
Saturday, January 24th, 2009
01:35:59 GMT

Found Photo

I noticed a particularly nice picture in this article: 11 hot pics and videos of lava vs ocean | ZME Science

It's the second picture, captioned "When lava meets water, it's even more dangerous because of the toxic gases; Kilauea, Hawaii". The rest are fun to look at too, but that one in particular is wallpaper-caliber, for me.

It looks better when I have my screen in 1024x768 resolution rather than 800x600, though.

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Castle at Sunset
Thursday, January 29th, 2009
23:59:25 GMT

Second Life

1024 x 721 - 360 KB
10/7/2006 5:40:43 PM
Here's a screenshot I took in Second Life way back in October 2006. It's a castle at a sim which no longer exists (or at least I couldn't find it last time I looked for it). If I recall correctly that sim's name was "Beyond the Prim".

I can't actually remember whether or not it was taken at "sunset" or "dawn", but it looks like a sunset to me.

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Flower Ring at Sunset
Friday, January 30th, 2009
23:51:41 GMT

Second Life

1024 x 768 - 469 KB
6/5/2007 3:40:06 AM
A screenshot I took in Second Life in June 2007.

I don't remember exactly where this place is, but, unless I'm mistaken, it was (and probably still is) part of the SL Public Land Preserve.

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