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7/13/2012 - Free: Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge - Begins July 16th, 2012


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Free: Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge - Begins July 16th, 2012
Friday, July 13th, 2012
20:23:07 GMT

Today, I signed up for the free Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, which begins Monday, July 16th, 2012.

Never did one of these meditation challenges before. Maybe it will be fun and beneficial. And if it's not - whatever, at least it's free.

According to their FAQ, you'll be able to download all the meditations for free. (Update, 7/28/2012. Sorry - actually for purchase. I misunderstood what I read. The way the FAQ phrased it was "for download" and not "for purchase", and I just mistakenly assumed it was a free download.) Each meditation will only be available to listen to for free for 7 days after it's posted.

The theme or title of this challenge is "Free to Love". Sounds nice to me.

I guess I might like it. Looking forward to finding out. Guided meditations (especially with music - I hope there's music) do tend to be less boring for me than just sitting there silently. I'm definitely not much of a fan of meditation in general, though - it often seems like a boring waste of time to me.

But, lots of people think meditation is really awesome, so, maybe I've just been doing it wrong. And maybe this free challenge will help me figure out how to do it right.

Update, 7/28/2012: I pretty much lost interest around Day 4 - even though I liked the benefits of meditation I heard about in these Introduction to Meditation videos by Deepak Chopra, and the meditations were guided for the first several minutes and had music throughout, and were relaxing and not bad to listen to.

I guess I just feel like I have too many more important things to do. First I tried doing the meditations soon after waking up, and I sort of liked them, but afterward, to my mild dismay, I found myself a bit less motivated to go and do the productive things I would rather have been doing other than meditation.

So I started putting off doing the meditations until closer to bedtime, but soon ended up putting them off so long I was too tired to want to do them anymore. Then I procrastinated until the meditations I didn't listen to yet were due to be taken down (7 days after they were posted), but, still didn't feel like doing them.

However, I still think meditation might be worth doing. Someday I'll probably get around to giving it another try.

Especially since Joseph Ducreux seems to think meditation is a good idea. :-)

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I found it on the web somewhere.)

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