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6/7/2012 - I highly recommend!


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I highly recommend!
Thursday, June 7th, 2012
09:21:30 GMT

I realize links to a commercial website might annoy some people, so, first, here's a link to something amusing and free. :-)

OK, now on to the main topic. Today, in the Astrology, Self-Help, and Activism sections of this site, I put links to my favorite bookseller:

I highly recommend them. Their prices are amazing. They sell more than just new age books. (See the left column of their front page for an overview). For example: self-help books, books on saving the environment, politics/world affairs, cookbooks, fiction, and much more.

They also sell things other than books, like jewelry, CDs, DVDs, Tarot decks, incense, candles, etc.

I don't make money from having those links up - they're not paid ads or affiliate links or anything like that. I'm just a happy, grateful customer who wants to send one of my favorite businesses a lot more customers, and also help out my website readers by pointing out a great place to buy stuff.

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