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11/17/2016 - Always check ingredients lists, since you never know when a food company might add sucralose, or who knows what else (Food)
11/26/2016 - The renovated Puppy Linux Setup Kit will probably require PHP and PHP-GTK (Programming)


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Always check ingredients lists, since you never know when a food company might add sucralose, or who knows what else
Thursday, November 17th, 2016
08:26:39 GMT


I'm so tired of suddenly finding that things like sucralose have been added to food products I used to like.

It happened to me before, and it just happened to me again several hours ago.

As part of my effort to reduce my sugar consumption, I tried what I mistakenly thought was the totally unsweetened version of one of my favorite cereals, a healthy-sounding high-fiber cereal which I guess I won't name.

To my surprise, it tasted sweet. So, I checked the ingredients, and to my horror, I saw that it contained sucralose.

That gave me quite a fright, since I had already eaten a spoonful or two. I tried (but failed) to make myself throw up.

Then I checked the ingredients of the version of that cereal I usually ate (which I already was aware was slightly sweetened), and was horrified to find that contained sucralose too!

I don't know if it always had sucralose or if that's a recent addition, but, I'm really upset about that and will never eat that cereal again unless the sucralose is removed, and maybe not even then.

I'll always be wary of all that company's products from now on. And other companies too. Going to check the ingredient lists of everything far more carefully in the future, even things I regularly eat, since too often, the ingredients get changed for the worse for no good reason.

Anyway, I already ate many boxfuls of that cereal (including at least 1 boxful which definitely had sucralose), and don't know for sure whether or not that had any bad effects on me, so that made me less panicked about eating just a spoonful or two of the less sweetened version of that cereal.

At least I didn't eat that cereal every day - maybe a box every few weeks - and only started eating it several months ago, in summer 2016. I have had a variety of health issues (or nuisances) lately, but I'm not sure any are related to sucralose, since they all have other possible causes, and I haven't had most of the symptoms listed on this page or this page. And overall I think I've been improving and will probably be OK.

But I still don't ever want to risk eating sucralose, and I'm so upset that food companies unnecessarily put things like that into their products.

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The renovated Puppy Linux Setup Kit will probably require PHP and PHP-GTK
Saturday, November 26th, 2016
05:59:24 GMT


While trying to figure out the best way to do some new things with my Puppy Linux Setup Kit, I finally found out that various Unix-related systems (including GNU/Linux) are excessively flexible about what characters are allowed in file names.

Here's a detailed essay I found on that topic, from

Fixing Unix/Linux/POSIX Filenames:
Control Characters (such as Newline), Leading Dashes, and Other Problems

So, that means using shell commands like "find", "xargs", etc. is much trickier and more inconvenient than I thought.

Quite annoyingly, newline characters can be in file names. So, there's no guarantee that each line of output from "find" will contain a complete file path. I also had trouble with trying to make "xargs" deal with paths containing single quotes. And the above essay describes numerous even worse problems.

These problems make me less reluctant to make the Puppy Linux Setup Kit require PHP and PHP-GTK, partly just so I can hopefully avoid a lot of the quirks of Bash programming.

I still like Bash programming much more than I used to, and I like being able to make some simple GUIs (graphical user interfaces) using only stuff that's already included by default with Puppy Linux, such as GtkDialog, which can be used to make a nice variety of GUI elements.

And I still think it was worthwhile to spend a few months struggling with Bash programming, since I learned a lot from that.

But I still have such a tremendously easier time with PHP than Bash scripts that I doubt I'll ever be fully comfortable with the latter, at this rate.

I'll probably still use Bash for simple things, but will probably use PHP for more complicated things.

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