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10/5/2014 - Mercury retrograde; and Eryss astrology software delayed again (Astrology)


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Mercury retrograde; and Eryss astrology software delayed again
Sunday, October 5th, 2014
19:37:38 GMT


I'm probably not going to release the Windows AutoHotkey* version of Eryss astrology software in the near future, but it's definitely not because of superstitiously avoiding doing it during Mercury retrograde (Oct. 4th-25th, 2014).

Actually, some articles I've read say that Mercury retrograde would actually be a good time to work on something like this.


35 Great Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde

The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde

What To Do During Mercury Retrograde

But, even so, I'm probably not going to get around to Eryss yet, because, as usual, something more important (which is too private to write about) came up.

Additions, 10/5/2014, 4:52 PM EDT, etc.: Which will also delay everything else I was thinking of releasing. Just another unfortunate consequence of not having enough money. Who knows how many projects of mine will never even come into existence at all, simply because of my poverty?

Donations, microdonations, and purchases of goods and services are welcome.

However, donations or microdonations would be best, since I'm too preoccupied to figure out what goods to sell (none are available currently), or to provide services at the moment. I still welcome requests for services, but, I can't do them in the very near future.

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