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12/31/2013 - How to Log into Livemocha's Legacy Site (Languages - Tip)


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How to Log into Livemocha's Legacy Site
Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
05:43:52 GMT


(Edit, 1:52 AM. Sorry, I put the wrong URL originally. It's corrected now.)

The short version of this post:

Go to, and you can log into the legacy Livemocha site from there.

(At least until the Livemocha legacy site is shut down, probably in early January 2014.)

The unnecessarily long version of this post:

This blog post might go out of date pretty quickly, because according to a Livemocha email I got:

"To focus our energy on making the new website better than ever, we will be shutting down the legacy site in early January 2014."

What a shame! I hate it when companies get bought and then good products get discontinued or ruined. Yet another reason to detest anything that's closed source instead of free, libre, and open source.

Anyway, earlier this evening, for the first time in maybe a year, I tried to log into, and I had great difficulty doing so.

When I tried to log in with Linux, the website said:

"Linux Support Coming Soon!

Visit us from your Mac or PC to access the full Livemocha experience. We can't wait to see you there!"

So, I tried it from both real Windows XP and Windows XP in VirtualBox*, and at first it said "Loading...", but then left me stuck on a blank screen.

Almost defeated, I tried logging in via someone's horrid MacBook. (Here's Richard Stallman's great page on Why you should not buy Apple computer products.)

That failed at first, and (if I recall correctly) said something about my email address not having an account, then redirected me to this address:

At that URL, I was able to log in with that MacBook. And, when I tried that same URL in Linux and Windows XP, I found I could log in with both of them, though I couldn't do the lessons in Linux, because I couldn't upgrade to a high enough version of Flash.

This tip will probably soon become useless, whenever the legacy Livemocha site is finally shut down.

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