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2/25/2011 - Basic Tips for Using TrueCrypt in Puppy Crypt 4.3 (GNU/Linux - Tips)


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Basic Tips for Using TrueCrypt in Puppy Crypt 4.3
Friday, February 25th, 2011
19:44:44 GMT


Here are some brief notes on how to use TrueCrypt in the Puppy Crypt 4.3 variant of Puppy Linux. I'm guessing the info in this post probably works (or mostly works) with other types of Linux as well.

First of all, here's a great YouTube video I found that helped me - Install and use TrueCrypt Disk Encryption freeware on Ubuntu & other Linux Distros

That video is by Johnson Yip.

TrueCrypt in Linux looks almost just like TrueCrypt in Windows. The most noticeable difference (at least to me) at a glance is that instead a list of drive letters being shown in the main window, numbers in a column called "Slot" are shown instead.

I was initially baffled about how to even locate my encrypted file containers in the Select File window (since you can't just go to the C or D drive).

But, thanks in part to the above video, I wasn't baffled for long.

To mount an encrypted file container in TrueCrypt:

My TrueCrypt encrypted file containers were all created with TrueCrypt for Windows, and happily, they seem to work perfectly with TrueCrypt for Linux as well.

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