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1/25/2010 - $1 sale until Feb. 2nd, 2010 (Books)


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Monday, January 25th, 2010
21:01:24 GMT

Books, one of my favorite booksellers, is having another one of their wonderful $1 book sales.

The cost of shipping is also extremely reasonable for U.S. buyers, and I'm guessing it's probably reasonable for international buyers as well.

The sale is going to last until Feb. 2nd, 2010. They even accept PayPal. So, you needn't use credit cards to order. (Though they accept credit cards too, as well as some other things).

To stay informed of future incredible sales by them, you can join their mailing list, or subscribe to their blog or Twitter page.

I have no affiliation with - I'm just a happy and grateful customer. I've bought from them several times in the past (and would have bought a lot more, and a lot more often, if not for my chronic financial difficulties), and have never been disappointed.

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