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2/28/2009 - What I'm Not Naming My Web Links Organizer Software (Astrology - Asteroids)


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What I'm Not Naming My Web Links Organizer Software
Saturday, February 28th, 2009
20:20:52 GMT


Apologies for my long silence. I guess I just haven't been in the mood to write very much. However, I expect to release my web links organizer software extremely soon, like sometime in the next few days.

Sorry it took so long, but, at least it's a lot better now than it would have been had I released it way back when I first unwisely mentioned it looooong before it was ready for release (unbeknownst to me). Back then, it was only a little better than Delicious.

Alas, my web links organizer software is not going to have a very clever, non-generic name. The most entertaining name I came up with was Urlrachne, a blend of URL and the mythological name Arachne, but, it was too weird and silly-sounding even for me to use. :-)

I came up with the name Urlrachne on 2/26/2009 just before 5:26 PM. Minutes later, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to look at its astrological chart, just to see if there was anything interesting going on with asteroid Arachne and any asteroids with names similar to the word URL. So, I took a look.

A copy-and-pasteable Astrolog 5.40 command line:

-qa Feb 26 2009 17:26 EST 80:34W 41:09N
Location: Hubbard, OH

Amusingly, using Astrodienst, I found that in this chart, asteroid #407 Arachne at 5°46'32" Capricorn is conjunct asteroid #7558 Yurlov at 7°11'17" Capricorn. And, an asteroid with the word "url" in it, #2420 Ciurlionis (23°18'35" Taurus), is conjunct the midheaven at 25°10'36" Taurus. :-)

Out of the almost 15,000 named asteroids currently on the list available at Astrodienst, only 6 of them have names containing the word "url":


Of course, not all of them are anywhere obviously interesting in the astrological chart for the moment I thought up the name Urlrachne, but, 2 out of 6 is entertaining enough for me. :-) It's quite far from the most interesting thing I've ever seen with asteroids, but I thought it was a little bit neat, at least. :-)

To repeat - I will not be calling my web links organizer software Urlrachne. It just sounds too unpleasant.

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