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4/7/2009 - Flower Basket (Wallpaper - Found Photo)
4/10/2009 - Lemon Demon (Music - Astrosorted Music List Update)
4/12/2009 - Giant Rabbits (Pictures - Found Pictures)
4/22/2009 - Susan Boyle's "Cry Me A River" (Music)


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Flower Basket
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
23:22:34 GMT

Found Photo

Here's a lovely picture I found recently, reminiscent of spring - a pretty flower basket (or some kind of container, anyway) with yellow, whitish, and pink flowers. To see the image at full size, click the link that says "42562832 pixels".

I found that picture at Matt Mullenweg's excellent and cleverly-named site,

It certainly brightens up this dreary day. Oddly enough, it's actually snowing a bit today, here in Hubbard, OH.

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Lemon Demon
Friday, April 10th, 2009
01:10:11 GMT

Astrosorted Music List Update

Here's another Astrosorted Music List update. Below are links to 16 fabulous legally free songs. All but one are by the band Lemon Demon; the one that isn't is by Trapezoid, the former band of Lemon Demon's Neil Cicierega.

Lemon Demon has albums and songs for sale for very reasonable prices at You can even pay for them via PayPal. Lemon Demon also has a Store page with other merchandise.

In no particular order:

  1. Damn Skippy - Word Disassociation
    Length: 4:06    File Size: 4.93 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

    Warning: The noise from about 3:56 onward is annoying.

  2. Dinosaurchestra - White Bread Boyfriend
    Length: 3:45    File Size: 4.52 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  3. Damn Skippy - Mr. Porta-Potty Man
    Length: 1:03    File Size: 1.02 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  4. Hip to the Javabean - Telekinesis
    Length: 4:14    File Size: 5.09 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  5. Unreleased - Vanilla
    Length: 0:29    File Size: 0.48 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  6. Trapezoid - Shut Up Your Mouth
    Length: 2:35    File Size: 2.49 MB   Vocals Volume Grating

    Warning: The first 4 seconds are kind of loud and annoying.

  7. Dinosaurchestra - It Can Get Lonely In My Mansion
    Length: 2:29    File Size: 3.00 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  8. Unreleased - Snakes on a Plane
    Length:0:45    File Size: 0.73 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  9. Dinosaurchestra - The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
    Length: 3:33    File Size: 5.12 MB   Vocals Profanity Grating
    Lemon Demon

  10. View-Monster - Super Hey Ya (Outkast remix)
    Length: 4:05    File Size: 4.90 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  11. Hip to the Javabean - There's a Robot In My Head
    Length: 1:00    File Size: 0.97 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

  12. Live from the Haunted Candle Shop - Mold en Mono
    Length: 5:21    File Size: 5.14 MB   Vocals Volume Grating
    Lemon Demon

    Warning: A bit shrill and/or loud sometimes.

  13. View-Monster - Ben Bernanke
    Length: 4:27    File Size: 5.35 MB   Vocals Profanity
    Lemon Demon

    Comment: The hilarious video this song is based on can be watched on YouTube: Ben Bernanke There's also a music video version, but you should download the MP3 for the best audio quality.

  14. Damn Skippy - Kitten is Angry
    Length: 2:06    File Size: 2.53 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  15. View-Monster - Marketland
    Length: 4:37    File Size: 5.55 MB   Vocals
    Lemon Demon

  16. Unreleased - The Song You Hear When You Die
    Length: 0:55    File Size: 0.89 MB   Vocals Grating
    Lemon Demon

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Giant Rabbits
Sunday, April 12th, 2009
05:30:27 GMT

Found Pictures

Here are some videos (and a picture) of giant rabbits. Yes, they exist. Happy Easter.

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Susan Boyle's "Cry Me A River"
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
20:11:39 GMT


Probably everyone has heard of Susan Boyle by now. The video of her on Britain's Got Talent is everywhere.

What fewer people might have heard of, yet, is a song she sung for a CD done for charity, released in 1999. It's a slow-paced jazz/blues tune called "Cry Me a River". You can hear it (and read about it) at The Daily Record: Exclusive: Susan Boyle's first ever song release revealed - listen to it here.

It's also available on YouTube: Susan Boyle - Cry Me A River - 1999 Recording (From The Scottish Daily Record Newspaper)

Heartbreakingly beautiful. It's astounding that the world took this long to discover her.

Here's the Wikipedia article on the song Cry Me A River. Also, here's a page with some lyrics.

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