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11/3/2008 - Alternative Candidates for President (Humor)
11/7/2008 - I Quit Project Wonderful (Astrology - Minor Events)


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Alternative Candidates for President
Monday, November 3rd, 2008
18:13:25 GMT


Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 4) will be Election Day here in the United States.

If you haven't considered an alternative candidate, you're missing out. Why not consider this guy, or this guy?

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I Quit Project Wonderful
Friday, November 7th, 2008
17:31:33 GMT

Minor Events

As of 10:26 AM today, I quit Project Wonderful. This was because they sent me an annoying message saying that my ad box was in danger of being delisted in a week due to low performance, and suggesting all kinds of annoying things I ought to do to prevent this.

Somehow, that message just really caught me at the wrong time, in the wrong mood. As if I really needed to be reminded of how pathetic the traffic at this website is - a fact of which I'm already well-aware. I also hate feeling pressured to do anything.

So, I decided to just get rid of the ads entirely. I had only made 25 cents from them since last August (which I told them they could keep). It's a relief to have quit, now I'll feel a little less guilty about neglecting to update my site and get more traffic over here.

I also won't have to answer to any future annoying nags from them. The last thing I want to do is get dependent on something that might try to annoy and pressure me in the future - that's one of the reasons I never used Google AdSense. And, another benefit is, my visitors will get a break from having to be annoyed with ads.

Out of curiosity, after I quit Project Wonderful, I looked at the astrological chart for the minute I sent the email declaring I had quit.

-qa Nov 7 2008 10:26 EST 80:34W 41:09N
Location: Hubbard, OH

| Sun 15Sco36  | Mer  4Sco49  |              |              |
| Mar 23Sco49  |              |              |              |
|              |              |              | Cer  1Vir11  |
|              |              | Sat 19Vir14  | Ver  7Leo56  |
<12> 6Sag37----|-----------------------------|----- 3Leo57<8>
| Lil 23Sag39  |                             |              |
| Ven 24Sag00  |     Astrolog 5.40 chart     |              |
|              |   Fri Nov  7 2008 10:26am   |              |
|              |  ST -05:00,  80:34W 41:09N  |              |
<1>26Sag16-----|   UT: 15:26, Sid.T: 13:12   |-----26Gem16<7>
| Plu 29Sag23  |       Placidus Houses       |              |
| Jun  1Cap45  |    Tropical / Geocentric    |              |
| Jup 17Cap53  |  Julian Day = 2454778.1431  |              |
|              |                             | Pal 19Gem38r |
<2> 3Aqu57-----|-----------------------------|----- 6Gem37<6>
| Nod 13Aqu50r | Ura 18Pis54r |              |              |
| Chi 16Aqu08  | For 13Ari10  |              |              |
| Nep 21Aqu29  |              |              |              |
| Moo  2Pis30  |              | Ves  4Tau37r |              |

Interestingly, Pluto is conjunct the ascendant, and the midheaven is near my natal Pluto at 21°32' Libra - all of which seems rather appropriate for the chart of the final, conclusive ending of something in my life.

I guess that's all I can think of to say about this chart. But that's OK, it's only the chart for a minor event anyhow.

It was a rather rash, impulsive decision, but overall, I just feel relieved about it. Project Wonderful is still probably not a bad option for many people, but, not for me. Being nagged to change the layout of my ads, or run ads of my own, or somehow increase my amount of traffic in only a week, or else face the delisting of one of my few (albeit tiny) revenue streams, just annoyed me too much.

It's actually the first time they've really annoyed me, but, that was quite enough for me to just call it quits. I didn't even give them a chance to talk me out of it. I'm surely overreacting a bit, but, whatever. At least it led to the above slightly amusing astrological coincidences, and gave me something to blog about... :-)

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