This section of Astroblahhh.Com contains things related to Windows.

The only kind of Windows I have is Windows XP. So, the scripts here were only tested in Windows XP, and any info or instructions I write are written from the perspective of a Windows XP user.

However, much of the stuff here ought to be useful for other kinds of Windows too.

AHK Scripts for Windows

If you want to program native Windows programs, I highly recommend AutoHotkey (Wikipedia article). You might have the mistaken impression it's only for making hotkeys - but it's capable of so much more. You can make your own little programs from scratch complete with a GUI - windows, buttons, taskbar menus, sliders, etc.

On a Linux-related note - to my delight, I found a while back that if you convert your AHK scripts to EXE files, you can run them in Linux using Wine (Wikipedia article), and in some cases they work surprisingly well.

When I discovered this, I believe I was probably using the Lucid Puppy 5.2 variant of Puppy Linux (Wikipedia article) and the window manager IceWM (Wikipedia article).

An AHK script (converted to an EXE) I tried in Wine had its taskbar icon appear in the IceWM taskbar, various menu items worked, and it successfully output data to a text file.

There's are only two AHK scripts available here for now:

Tons of Skrommel's awesome software, including DimScreen, is available at:

1 Hour Software by Skrommel on

I highly recommend those links. Tons of useful programs there. (Skrommel's page will also help give you an idea of the incredible range of things AHK is capable of.)

You can get the AHK source code of Skrommel's programs by clicking the AutoHotkey logo (a box featuring a white H on a green background) in the description of each program.

Perl Scripts for Windows

If you want to use Perl (Wikipedia article) on Windows, you could install Strawberry Perl (Wikipedia article).

I used to use ActivePerl (and that's still what I have installed on one of my computers), but that's closed-source according to Wikipedia, so I now prefer Strawberry Perl.

Something I haven't yet experimented much with (as of 10/4/2011) is Cygwin (Wikipedia article) - which is not only another way to use Perl in Windows, but a way to use lots of other things found in Linux or Unix. (I don't understand Cygwin very well yet.)

Some Perl scripts I made:

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