This section of Astroblahhh.Com contains things related to computer software - not only my own software, but also software by others.

By the way - for free, or for donations, or for upfront payment, I provide libre, open source, public domain software programming services, and I also am willing to try to answer questions about programming or other computer-related things.

You can also request things like that on the Eryss.Com Forum.

Actual Software

For multiple kinds of computers

Written by me in JavaScript, mostly from scratch:

Note: Some browsers have problems saving JavaScript pages properly using the typical Save function in the File menu. So, to save these scripts, you can either download the zip files of their source code, or use your browser's View Page Source function, then copy and paste the source code into a text editor, and save it with the text editor.

And two much less polished (but still useful) JavaScripts:

Written by me in PHP/MySQL/JavaScript, mostly from scratch:

Not by me:

For Ubuntu-based Puppy Linuxes and Slacko Puppy

These next two consist of stuff that is mostly not authored by me (except for a bunch of documentation I wrote, and some useful little scripts I wrote). I packaged it all together to make it easy to install in Puppy Linux.

Perhaps someday I will make versions of these for Windows or even MacOS.

For Linux-based web servers

Written by me in Perl, mostly from scratch:

I wrote this Perl script to automate an annoying monthly chore I used to have to do manually - saving my websites' raw statistics logs, which otherwise get deleted after 30 days.

My web host is DreamHost, so it might work best if you're also using DreamHost. But, this script might work with other web hosts, perhaps with some modifications.

Instructions are in the source code.

Info and Tips About Software

Software-Related Stuff in Other Sections of This Website

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